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Hardcore and midcore mobile gamers like rewarded video — if done right

By iwano@_84

This article is part of a Gaming Insights series paid for by Facebook. 

Players continue to spend more time in hardcore and midcore mobile games than in other genres, and have a surprisingly positive view of rewarded video ads. More publishers looking to diversify their revenue now find that in-app ads complement in-app purchases (IAP) — without hurting the player experience.

But ads must be implemented well to be most effective in RPG, strategy, action, battle, and similar hardcore and midcore mobile game types, which is why we’re sharing in-app ad success factors specific to these genres. Read on and then download our best practice guide.

Untapped potential for in-app ads

Over 75% of mobile game time spent globally was in hardcore and midcore games, according to Ad Monetization in Mobile Games: The Untapped Potential, a Facebook-commissioned study with App Annie. Core games represented almost one-fifth of total global downloads

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