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Which of the Two Oligarchic Revolutions Had More of an Impact on Athenian Democracy?

By iwano@_84

The first oligarchic revolution was in 411BC and known as ‘The Oligarchic Coup’ or ‘The Four Hundred’. This change in government came about for a number of reasons including the lack of money and resources due to the failure of the Sicilian expedition (Thuc. 6 ). The revolution started in the fleet stationed at Samos in the summer of 412BC where Alcibiades professed that he could win Persian support for the Athenians but only if they were governed by an oligarchy instead of a democracy (Oxford Dic. of the Classical World pg. 295). The second oligarchic revolution was known as the ‘The Thirty’ or ‘The Thirty Tyrants’ (coined by Diodorus)who took power after Athens defeat in the Peloponnesian war. Due to the peace terms imposed by Lysander, the thirty were chosen to run the government and draft new laws however their power led to the death of many a democratic … Read More