If you’ve ever wasted hours or even days on playing a video game on your old Commodore 64, then chances are it was a game called Load Runner. Well, it’s amazing how this genre has come back full circle. “N” is such a game. Developed in Flash by Raigan Burns and Mare Sheppard, of Metanet Software Inc.

My first sight of this game was from watching my son play it on his computer. I instantly became mesmerized by it’s smoothness and the intricate details in the movement of the main character as it moves, flys, jumps, and falls throughout maze after maze of enemies and bonuses. I especially took note of the simplicity of the game. Finally, someone has released a game that one can sit down to and play without having to crack open a 20 page instruction guide. But don’t be fooled! There are over 200 levels to … Read More

What is ClickBank university?

ClickBank University is an online coaching center founded by two internet entrepreneurs – Adam and Justin to help people make money online. What is included in this package is step by step instructions to help people create their own product and sell it online.

What I like about ClickBank university:

One of the main things I liked about this program is that its coaching center is entirely dedicated to help you create your own product. But again, if you are creating a product be sure you learn to create a very high quality product and have the potential to drive traffic to your website. You would be even more successful if you are an experienced internet marketer, persuading your visitors to buy your product. And not to mention, there are many affiliates out there who will do the selling for you.

Some of the videos included … Read More

Reading B2031A review, the B2031A is indeed Behringer Truth. I failed to come across a single review that downsized the down-priced active studio monitor so I thought I’d give it a try. I searched / sought for a pair of Truth B2031A Studio speakers at my local guitar center and turned the boring sober looking puppies on.

Ehhh, the bass was too flat and I wasn’t impressed. But all of the sudden, the store rep reaches over to the mixer, fiddles around and said “Oh wait…..” THUUUMP! I didn’t hear a single word the store rep said after that.

The TRUTH B2031A wasn’t such a sober monitor speaker after all.

The Behringer B2031A Studio Monitor is simply amazing for its price tag. These high resolution 2-way reference studio monitors are designed for near-field monitoring apps, ideal for small mixing environments and home entertainment like surround sound.

Another attractive feature about … Read More

What is Global Dream builders?

Global Dream Builders (GDB) is an online marketing platform that was founded by Adam Wenig. He teaches you how to earn money online by creating simple websites that pay $1,000-$5,000 a month. Does his promise sound too good to be true?

Global Dream Builders Review

Global Dream Builders (GDB) is a website, which is actually a sales funnel to the products they promote online as well as to their members and possible customers. This platform is another website promising an income generating opportunity that is quickly gaining momentum among internet marketers, especially the youth. In my opinion, it sounds like it is promising too much.

The program teaches people how to build websites that are actually funnel pages to sell products. Funnel pages are not websites. It is similar to a campaign. A campaign always has to be changed, just like an ad.

The … Read More

The Buffalo Technology DriveStation Axis 1TB is a family of desktop external hard drives that offers high performance and easy-to-use storage. It easily connects to your computer for additional storage or backup of data files, video, music and photos. Buffalo has a feature-rich software suite of tools designed to boost PC performance.

The Buffalo Hard Drive not only stores and backups your data easily but it also transports various files, including huge multimedia files that are too large to fit on a USB key. Simply plug the hard drive into your computer and it installs automatically with Windows 2000, XP, or OS-X computers. Fanless Heat Sink Chassis design lets the DriveStation run cool and quietly.

The storage device may be placed vertically or horizontally on the desktop. There is no cooling fan, even though there’s clearly an empty space for one, so you’ll need to keep the disk in a … Read More

Just about anybody that has been on the Internet and involved with affiliate marketing, network marketing or making money online has probably at one time or another ran across somebody promoting GDI or Global Domains International. Maybe you are looking for a business to start online and want to know exactly what this company is all about and how you make money with it. We will take a look at the Global Domains opportunity and product and show you how people earn a living from home with it.

A Brief History

It all started back in the mid 1990’s .com boom when CEO’s Michael Reed and Alan Ezeir where trying to come up with alternative domain extensions that businesses could use to brand themselves with. That researched many country codes and finally agreed that the best extension with that could be branded was from the tiny island of Western Samoa.… Read More

Since the time that computers became mainstream, consumers have been looking for ways to speed them up. Whether you’re a business user or a regular PC user, you’d probably like to know how to clean up your machine and get it working better and faster. A lot of programs and tools have promised to do just that over the years, but most have been completely useless – if not outright malware or spyware. Fortunately, there is Avast Cleanup. It really DOES deliver as promised.

Avast, of course, is not a new company. It’s been one of the biggest names in computer security for years now. Its antivirus products have always been considered by experts as among the best. Now, it offers this helpful premium tool to help optimize PC performance.

It can be very irritating to see that you are running out of disk space. Instead of having to decide … Read More

If you’re considering a home based business opportunity, here are four companies that might appeal to you:

1. Motiply Partners – With people on the go and the mobile industry booming, businesses have to be mobile friendly with an app, as well as a mobile website. Up until now, Apps and mobile websites have been far too expensive for businesses. The Motiply App and Mobile Website Builder gives you the ability to make local businesses mobile friendly for almost nothing compared to the tens of thousands of dollars it has cost them up to this point. Motiply has a turn-key Mobile App business that makes it possible for anyone to work from home and market mobile websites and apps to businesses in their community. They provide you with everything you will need to be successful, and no experience is needed. With their training, mentoring program and tutorials, according to them, … Read More

It has never been easier to share your music with the world. In the year 2016, you don’t need to sell CDs, you don’t require a label and you don’t even need HTML skills. All you need is an internet connection, a small amount of money and the actual music that you want to sell. There are several existing online platforms like myflashstore and soundclick, that give you the chance to sell your music online, but there’s one that tops them all, and that is soundgine. Let me tell you why.

1. Several players

With soundgine you get 3 different players which you can implement on your website to sell your music. They all have different features and designs. You can choose which one you want to use and can easily switch between them whenever you want. Furthermore, you’ll get a pod player that enables you to post single tracks … Read More

With the growth of computers and technology, many business opportunities are knocking our doors. Computer troubleshooting industry has few limitations like other industries. If you are interested in a computer repair and troubleshooting industry business, then this Computer Troubleshooters franchise review will be helpful for you to receive detailed information about this option.

Introduction: The company is an on-site computer services franchise. Wilson and Suzanne McOrist founded this company in 1997 in Australia. In 1999, Chip Reaves, who is an American entrepreneur operating a similar business in Atlanta, started the franchise in the United States.

Computer Troubleshooters franchise provides several computer services including hardware repair, software consulting, networking, diagnostics, security consulting and Web site development for small businesses.

Every franchisee provides a complete range of local services like

  • Software support
  • Onsite Hardware Support
  • Network Installation
  • Software Installation
  • Software Troubleshooting
  • Network maintenance and administration
  • Data Backup
  • Spyware Removal and Virus Protection
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