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Applications of Reverse Engineering in the Industry

By iwano@_84

Reverse engineering is a well defined process to determine the technological principles of a system by analyzing its structure, purpose and complete operation/process. There are several steps involved in RE process. This includes scanning, processing, surface creation followed by verification. This helps in giving the final product similar to the original one. Some of the added advantages of reverse engineering process include development of new improvised product. This makes reverse engineering quite popular.

The reverse engineering software is used to create different computer aided designs directly from the scanned data. Seeing the growing needs of the end users, these days different reverse engineering software are available. Various software available are designed specially to successfully address the individual requirements of reverse engineering. They help in easily generating the composite parametric models from available scanned date with no difficulty. Hence, it ensures that finished model is completely redesigned within the user defined … Read More

Reverse Engineering

By iwano@_84

Engineering is profession and an art to develop and apply structures, machines, materials, devices, process, and systems through scientific, technical and mathematical methods. Engineering is categorized into two: Forward and reverse engineering.

Forward engineering involves the traditional methods of engineering. The development of such inventions comes from critical thinking, to creation of logical design up to implementation and production.

Reverse engineering is the method of determining the technological function and principle of a certain object, equipment, system or device through analyzing and by using electronic and mechanical device or even a software program. The principle in this kind of engineering is to create or to develop another product using the principles behind a specific device.

The process of investigating the system of a certain product in reverse engineering is to recognize its components and their relationships, to develop a prototype of the system and to develop a logical and physical … Read More