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Apple sues GEEP for not shredding reusable iPhones

By iwano@_84

But the lawsuit raises new questions about the iPhone maker’s environmental practices, because Apple says it never destroys electronics that are still suitable for use. Apple said in the lawsuit that the devices sent to GEEP had been “repaired.” But Apple didn’t explain how they were repaired or make any specific allegations in the suit that the devices were damaged or unsafe to use. Apple spokesman Josh Rosenstock declined to say if any repairs were made to or what was wrong with the devices Apple sent to GEEP.

Kyle Wiens, founder of repair website iFixit, was surprised by the revelation of Apple’s lawsuit against GEEP, which was first uncovered by Canadian news site the Logic. “This is amazing, because it brings this terrible shady activity by Apple out into the daylight,” Wiens wrote in an email. “Look at their environment report — they brag about finding phones internally at Apple

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