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PlayStation 5 pre-orders will restart tomorrow

By iwano@_84

playstation 5
  • Sony and specific retailers have confirmed that PlayStation 5 pre-orders will start again tomorrow.
  • Unfortunately, there are no details on exactly when pre-orders will begin.
  • You might have better luck making an in-person pre-order in the US.

It was inevitable that the initial launch of the next-gen gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft would be chaotic. However, the initial launch of Sony PlayStation 5 pre-orders was a total disaster, with pretty much everything going wrong. This resulted in many buyers coming up empty.

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Luckily, it looks like we’ll get a second shot at buying the PS5 tomorrow, September 25. Sony itself said that more pre-orders would be available this week, and US retailer Game Stop has confirmed it will have more in stock tomorrow. Several other retailers have confirmed the same, which leads us to believe most

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