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Cnvrg.io debuts unified resource utilization dashboard for machine learning developers

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Accessible Labs Ltd., which does business as convrg.io, today is releasing a dashboard that can be used by developers of machine learning models to optimize their use of server resources. The Jerusalem-based startup said its ML Infrastructure Dashboard can initially be used to give development managers a look at utilization of CPUs, graphics processing units, memory and cluster nodes for workloads running in software containers, which are portable environments that include workloads and all the resources need to run them. The next release, which is targeted for the first quarter of next year, will analyze workloads and recommend an allocation of resources to optimize them, said CEO Yochay Ettun.

While virtualization has helped IT organizations dramatically drive up server utilization rates, such efficiencies have yet to come to the typical machine learning developer. Ettun said. “When a customer is buying an Nvidia [Corp.] server they are getting a black box.

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Alameda County launches ‘age-friendly’ resource website for older adults

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The Alameda County Social Services Agency, or ACSSA, and the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency, or HCSA, have launched an “age-friendly” county website aimed at older adults.

The Age Friendly Alameda County web portal provides information on aging in the county and offers access to social services. Resources include information about the 2020 census, staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, meal delivery services and a public service announcement on elder abuse.

“The website is intended to provide a user friendly, centralized location for older adults to access the services and information they need to stay informed and connected with resources and tools that will assist them in living an independent and full life,” said ACSSA director of the Office of Public Affairs Sylvia Soublet in an email.

Following a request from the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, the ACSSA and the HCSA worked with the Alameda County Council for

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Why Insurance Agencies Should Create Insurance Website Resource Libraries

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Your insurance agency likely has many things of value to offer, and probably wants to share at least some of these things with prospects and clients. If so, your agency should consider creating a compelling Insurance Agency Website Resource Library. Website resource libraries provide a great opportunity for businesses, by providing a cost-effective platform to share information which can attract prospects, and improve client retention.

What is a Website Resource Library?

Think of an Insurance Agency Website Resource Library as a content hub, consisting of documents, templates, resource links, digital tools, FAQs, marketing materials and other important information. The goal of this insurance content hub is to improve information sharing with employees, clients and prospects.

Types of Content Used

There are hundreds of content types that might be offered in an Insurance Agency Website Resource Library, ranging from best practices recommendations to marketing collateral. Let’s review some of the more … Read More