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Backward Compatibility, PS4 Game Resolution, PS VR Confirmed

By iwano@_84


  • About 99% of PS4 games will have backward compatibility for the PS5
  • Playing select PS4 games on the new console will see better loading speeds and graphics
  • To enjoy PlayStation VR on the PS5, players will need the PS Camera for PS4 

With a month to go before the PlayStation 5 officially launches, Sony has answered a few burning questions for those who are curious about the next-gen console.

Posting on the official PlayStation Blog, Sony dealt mostly with questions regarding backward compatibility and PlayStation VR, and put a few rumors to rest while addressing some things that may have been leaving those curious about the PS5 anxious.

Regarding backward compatibility that was not in the plans for the PlayStation 4 when that system launched, Sony said that this time around 99% of PS4 titles will work on the PS5, confirming something previously teased by Sony Interactive Entertainment

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Beginner Digital Scrapbooking – Pixels and Resolution

By iwano@_84

When opening a digital photograph on your computer, the displayed image appears in one of two ways. Sometimes the image will appear larger than your monitor can display. But most often the entire image is viewable because the software “scales down” or displays a smaller version automatically. The original image file still has not changed in any way.

Here is where it becomes confusing for anyone just beginning to do digital scrapbooking. Is my image too large? Is it too small? What should I do next?

Remember that pixel dimension (width x height) is stored as part of the digital image file. However, “pixel” not only refers to a point of light inside your stored digital photo. The same word is used to describe a point of light on your computer monitor. Many people are easily confused because the word pixel actually refers to two different technologies.

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Computer Monitors – Is Higher Resolution Better? Part 2

By iwano@_84

Resolution Kills Frame Rate

Frame Rate is the number of still images that are cycled through your monitor or TV each second commonly called Frames Per Second or just FPS. The eye and mind work together to perceive motion at about 30 FPS. However that simple explanation has led to a lot of myths about only needing 30 FPS while vastly understating the complexity of human sight and perception. Higher FPS does have a lot of benefits and studies have shown that people can perceive and identify things as high as 220 FPS. Most TV and Movie film is done at 24 FPS and 30 FPS is considered the minimum acceptable FPS for gaming so most consoles are built to run at exactly that but most computer monitors run at 65hz refresh rate which is 65 FPS. New monitors are coming out that can run at over 200hz. The benefits … Read More