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Apple Names Schiller’s Replacement On Website

By iwano@_84

Apple has updated its website to show that Greg Joswiak has taken over for Phil Schiller as the company’s new senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, according to a Friday (Oct. 2) report from MacRumors.

Schiller transitioned to an Apple Fellow in August, according to a press release at the time. He will still be in charge of the App Store and company events.

While Joswiak’s takeover as leader didn’t have a timeline back in August, it seems to have already happened as of Friday, MacRumors reported.

Joswiak is now in charge of Apple’s product management and product marketing, developer relations, market research, business management, education, enterprise and international marketing, reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook, according to the August release.

Joswiak’s history includes over 20 years of experience at Apple as the vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. He’s also known as

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Why Biometric Technology Is Still Not the Absolute Replacement for Passwords

By iwano@_84

A good security token is the one that distinctively corresponds to you and which nobody could know, guess or copy. This is the reason why security experts suggest us to use long and random passwords for our safety. However, it is not as easy as it sounds because it gets hard to memorize strong and unique passwords.

Biometric technology as we know right now is the hot favorite technique of securing any place. It had to happen counting it is such a trouble free way of security than that of passwords we have to remember. In biometrics, our finger or thumb impressions not only make our job easier but also are unique by nature.

Also, biometric technology removed the trouble of hacking considering it is not a cakewalk for someone to hack your fingerprints than cracking the pass code. Following the best security practices, setting strong passwords for separate devices … Read More

Computer Monitor Flyback Transformer – Replacement and Substitution

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The Computer Monitor flyback transformer comes with many types of parts number, designed and inductance winding values. Although some may have different part numbers, they can be use d to substitue on another model of monitor! The Monitor flyback transformer is manufactures by many different manufacturers thus many different kinds of part numbers are produced. If you know exactly the winding value of each flyback transformer then it is easy for you find a replacement.

One good example is the Samsung Samtron flyback transformer with a part number of FKD15A001 and it is the same as FKG15A001. Another good part number is the Acer monitor-19.00026 which is same as 19.00038. In order to find out whether a particular flyback transformer can be replace with another part number or even with another brand of flyback transformer is to use an inductance meter. It is compulsory to have one.

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