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Apple Gadgets – What’s Repairable And What’s Beyond It?

By iwano@_84

iPhone, no matter which one, is a sturdy device. Not only is its firmware reliable, its firmware is right besides it in terms of dependence and reliability. In fact, I still remember my friend and manager’s iPhone 5 getting crushed under a heavy vehicle and still being operable even though the screen was a goner.

Well, iPhone is a reliable piece of equipment but there are instances where one understands it needs an iPhone repair, and that this repair is out of the owner’s hands.

So, here is a little guide on what can be repaired and what just can’t be.

iPhone 2G:

2G phones are old. So, being honest I will just say that spending so much on a phone that doesn’t even cost as much as the repair charges is like betting money on limping horse. The parts are hard to get and hence, rare and expensive. So, … Read More