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Computer Recycling For Businesses – Challenge #1 – Regulations

By iwano@_84

It’s general knowledge that electronics recycling (e.g. computer recycling, monitor recycling) is subject to both state and federal regulations. It’s also generally understood that failure to follow mandatory regulations may be subject to substantial fines.

What most people don’t know, including many computer recycling companies, are the details of the state and federal regulations for electronics recycling. Or, in some cases they know the recycling regulations, but don’t want the cost or inconvenience of complying.

What this means at the individual or household level is computer monitors are left on street curbs and “energy saver” light bulbs are put in the trash when they stop working. In both cases hazardous materials are being improperly handled.

At the corporate level ignorance of regulations and indifference to electronic recycling have essentially the same consequences – hazardous materials are mishandled and the environment is compromised. The main difference at the corporate level versus … Read More