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U.S. Rep. Ken Buck Calls for ‘More Enforcement and Less Regulation’ of Big Tech on Cheddar

By iwano@_84

With big tech under a microscope in Washington, Democrats and Republicans agree that laws need to be modernized in order to promote fair competition, particularly for small businesses that tend to get snuffed out by the giants, Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo. 4th District), told Cheddar.

Members of both parties have released reports that look to establish pathways to breaking up tech giants, which they consider monopolies, and level the playing field in online marketplaces.

According to Buck, who wrote one of those reports, the issue becomes partisan when deciding how to regulate the big tech industry, an issue he said would be uncertain under a Joe Biden- Kamala Harris administration.

“The Trump administration has been fairly aggressive in this area and partly because conservatives believe that Google and Facebook and Twitter are biased against conservative views and have suppressed conservative views…,” Buck said.

Also, Senator Harris comes from the Bay
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Comprehensive European Regulation For Crypto Assets Has Been Presented

By iwano@_84

The European Commission has presented the so-called MiCA regulation. As a result, this creates a far-reaching and harmonized regulation on the European level for crypto assets, including many related services. What can be potentially challenging for startups also contains enormous opportunities in terms of professionalization and growth for the entire crypto ecosystem. — Authors: Philipp Sandner, Johannes Blassl

In September 2020, the European Commission presented a draft for a comprehensive regulation of “crypto assets” (digital, blockchain-based assets), which is expected to come into force at the end of 2022. The regulation “Markets in Crypto-assets” (“MiCA”), which is directly applicable in all Member States, describes the most extensive regulation of digital assets to date.

Various crypto assets: From Bitcoin over Libra to the blockchain-based Euro

Crypto assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are just as much in the focus of the new regulation as Facebook’s project Libra and the “utility tokens”

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