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Re-Engineering Test Management Solution To Increase Test Effectiveness

By iwano@_84

Testing is important because the existence of faults or bugs in software is unavoidable. The testers not only need to find the faults but also need to know how the particular bug occurred. The two objectives in the process of detecting fault are risk measurement and confidence building. This article is about how to increase testing effectiveness by strategizing and through certain methodologies.

Testing considerations

The test manager needs to list down the goals before beginning with the test process so that at the end of testing actual can be compared with the set objectives. Traditional software methodologies and practices are taken into account for crafting the Testing strategies for Re-Engineering program.

Testing considerations depend on the type of Re-engineering process that the organization is employing and also the type of migration.

For example let us say a product is required to be migrated to cloud for re-engineering purposes. The … Read More