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Amazon Echo: Alexa’s new smart speaker home just got a bold redesign

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Amazon rounds out the Echo.


Amazon line of smart speakers is switching up its look; the new Amazon Echo will be spherical. The price will be $100 (£90), which is what the company’s previous, third-generation Amazon Echo went for. The new Echo speaker will be available Oct. 22, and its fabric-covered body will come in three different colors: charcoal, glacier white and twilight blue. It’s open for preorder now.

For specifics about its design as regards sound quality, Amazon says, “Its 3.0-inch woofer, dual-firing tweeters, and Dolby processing delivers stereo sound with clear highs, dynamic-mids, and deep bass that automatically adapts to any room.”

While the woofer appears to be the same as the previous Echo’s, Amazon has packed a second .8-inch tweeter into the speaker, which should

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Wikipedia Gets Major Website Redesign in 10 Years

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Wikipedia will be getting a major website redesign for the first time in a decade. The non-profit organization launched nearly 20 years ago and has been an integral platform for encyclopedia-based information, responsible for over 50 million articles in more than 300 languages.

Announcing the site’s updates, Project Manager Olga Vasileva noted in a blog post, “while Wikipedia’s content has grown rapidly, our interface has not kept pace.” Vasileva added, “the design of desktop Wikipedia [has] not seen any substantive changes for the past 10 years, leaving certain elements of the site’s navigation feeling clunky and overwhelming.” The platform will be adding a sidebar folding feature, which will condense the left and right margins of the page — this will change the position of the main search box. Additionally, Wikipedia’s logo will be shrunken, while “table of contents” will be repositioned to the top. All updates are expected to roll

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Wikipedia due to get its first substantial website redesign in a decade

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Dust off the bulldozers — Wikipedia is going under construction.

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For the first time in 10 years, one of the internet’s most-widely used resource websites will be getting a substantial new look.


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“While Wikipedia’s content has grown rapidly, our interface has not kept pace,” wrote Olga Vasileva, a project manager at the Wikimedia Foundation, in a blog post announcing the changes.

“The design of desktop Wikipedia [has]… not seen any substantive changes for the past 10 years, leaving certain elements of the site’s navigation feeling clunky and overwhelming,” Vasileva said.

Since launching in 2001, the online encyclopedia has published more than 50 million articles and is available in nearly 300 languages. The entries are created, edited and updated by volunteers, and the website is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization.

The site states that its “main purpose is to create, learn, and curate content,”

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Sea Island Luxury Interior Designer, VPI Design, Launches Redesign of Website

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Top Luxury Interior Designer, VPI Design by Dina Varner, announces a new website design and Instagram page.

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / September 15, 2020 / Talented and sought-after Sea Island Luxury Interior Designer launches a 2020 re-design of both the firm’s website, https://vpi-design.com, and Instagram page https://instagram.com/luxuryinteriors.redefined. The vision for the re-design was to highlight a visual experience that is both simplistic yet elegant. Founder and creative director of VPI Design, Dina Varner, wanted all aspects of the details of their work to be the focal point. “I wanted our website to reflect the story we tell within each room we design, but I wanted to tell it in a way where viewers were captivated by large-scale imagery that flowed seamlessly to allow the eye to hone in on the details, whether that be the texture of a throw pillow, or the way the reflection of light bounces throughout

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10 Reasons You Should Redesign Your Small Business Website in WordPress

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Your business website is arguably your most vital resource. It is your 24/7 digital shop window and will be the first interaction that the majority of potential customers will have with your business. So if it doesn’t look the part, loads sluggishly or, most importantly, lack a mobile version then you will be letting custom slip through your fingers.

You can market your business as effectively as you like but if the website customers land on doesn’t cut it then you are just throwing away good money after bad. So what is the solution?

Say hello to WordPress. WordPress is the wildly popular content management system that powers over a quarter of the whole web including some of the world’s biggest names like the New York Times, Forbes, People Magazine and National Geographic. So if it works for them it can work for you right? Here’s why:

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A Comprehensive 2019 Guide to the Website Redesign Process

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How to Rebrand Your Business Like A Boss

There are so many different reasons why a small business owner may decide to rebrand a website: poor conversions and/or sales, confusing navigation or an outdated design, to name a few.

However, as I mentioned in my previous blog The Right Reasons for Rebranding Your Business Logo, it’s essential to have strong reasoning, logic and stats behind rebranding your business.

For example, are poor conversions due to an ineffective design or a glitchy shopping cart?

Is your website truly outdated or are you just bored of the colour scheme?

This guide will help you first understand whether or not you need to reinvent your business, and if you do, how to rebrand your website in the most effective way possible.

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Is It Time to Redesign Your Website?

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Might you be disappointed with your website, or are you merely bored? Maybe you’ve visited the websites of colleagues and competitors and become ambitious to do a website makeover for your business venture? Before making any changes, first think carefully about your business goals and how your website can encourage and support their realization.

A website provides information about your company’s products and services and communicates to prospects the benefits of doing business with your organization. Older websites are likely to be static, rather than interactive. To update an older site, unfortunately it’s necessary to pay a web developer to make the changes. As a result, static websites often do not reflect much of what’s happening now.

Your job is to develop a website that gives prospects the confidence to work with or buy from you. Everything on your site—text, audio, or visual—must support that purpose.

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Contemplating Website Redesign To Leverage The 4 Benefits Of Optimal Design

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A common mistake brands make is believing that planning a website is sufficient to establish a steadfast online presence. A basic site that offers the fundamental information about the firm is not adequate to highlighting your brand awareness in the virtual world. To gain success, a website has to incorporate SEO strategies. It should be the centre of all online marketing plans. It should have a constant source of new and optimal elements.

It is when these tactics are applied that websites show positive outcomes, not instantly but in due course. The precept is that optimised websites are crucial for building an identity on the internet. We now consider the fundamental element of a robust site – the design.

The Critical Importance of Website Design

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