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Brahmos, a New, Small, React-like UI Framework with Concurrent Rendering — Q&A with Sudhanshu Yadav

By iwano@_84

Key Takeaways

  • While the speed with which JavaScript was adding new UI frameworks to build interactive web applications has slowed down in recent years, we have seen new interesting frameworks in 2020 that focus on simplicity and performance
  • Brahmos strives to implement the known React APIs with a different and potentially faster method that also leverages a standard feature of JavaScript: template literals. Brahmos thus strives to implement React’s hooks, context, concurrent mode, and more
  • Brahmos is among the very few UI frameworks that implements the experimental concurrent mode API sponsored by React. Other frameworks may be waiting out, or discarding the feature entirely.
  • While the bar for new JavaScript frameworks is continually raised by the dominant actors in that space (e.g. by partnering with browser vendors to add APIs favoring a given approach, renderers for other output devices, baking UX practices into the framework), the newcomers
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