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A remote learning debate rages: How much computer time is too much?

By iwano@_84

Months after remote learning discussions centered on access to computers, talks have shifted this fall to another heated debate: How much time should kids be spending on those devices every day?

As it goes with most decisions made at Chicago Public Schools, opinions have varied widely on the issue, with many parents and teachers arguing the current system that has children in front of a computer for hours at a time is too burdensome for students and families. Still, others say they’ve managed just fine so far, especially when kids are given breaks throughout the day.

Lori Torres, a Spanish teacher at Monroe Elementary, said she’s watching her students on a daily basis struggle to stay focused and or even awake in the afternoon because of long, draining schedules that aren’t tailored to their needs.

“I see my kids, and I know we can do better by them,” Torres said.

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