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Europe Can Win Electric Car Sales Race If It Learns From China

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(Bloomberg) — Sales of electric vehicles in Europe are growing at such a pace that the continent looks increasingly likely to outpace China in the near future.


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That’s one of the findings of a report released Tuesday by London-based automotive research firm Jato Dynamics. However, it found that Europe and the U.S. still have a few things to learn from China, the world’s biggest EV market, including prioritizing affordability, centralizing planning, and using data to better understand consumers.

Demand for cleaner and smarter cars is rising globally, particularly in Europe where the market has been bolstered by tighter emissions regulations along with an increasing awareness of climate change. EV sales in Europe in the first half exceeded China for the first time since 2015.

Although the coronavirus pandemic hurt all car sales, including EVs, which fell 15% globally in the second quarter, the market for electric vehicles is

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Silicon Valley is famously liberal. Then, investors and employees started clashing over race.

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SAN FRANCISCO — The day after President Donald Trump told the Proud Boys, a far-right group with a history of inciting violence, to “stand back and stand by,” during the first presidential debate last month, tech investor Cyan Banister tweeted that the group had “a few bad apples. “

The open defense of an organization that has been deemed a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center is one extreme example of an increasingly public reactionary streak in Silicon Valley that diverges from the tech industry’s image as a bastion of liberalism. Some libertarian, centrist, and right-leaning Silicon Valley investors and executives, who wield outsize influence, power and access to capital, describe tech culture as under siege by activist employees pushing a social justice agenda.

Curtis Yarvin, dubbed a “favorite philosopher of the alt-right” by the Verge, has become a familiar face on the invite-only audio social network Clubhouse,

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2020 Election Live Updates: Biden Touts Masks and Trump Plays Down Risks as the President’s Illness Redefines the Race

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Here’s what you need to know:

Credit…Hilary Swift for The New York Times

President Trump’s illness with Covid-19 brought the campaign into sharper focus on Tuesday, as he continued playing down the dangers of a pandemic that has killed more than 210,000 Americans while Joseph R. Biden Jr. and fellow Democrats cast him as dangerously irresponsible in handling the threat to both himself and the nation.

Mr. Trump’s decision to remove his mask as the cameras rolled Monday evening, after he left the hospital and returned to the White House while still infectious, was widely condemned by public health experts and on several television news programs.

On Tuesday morning, Mr. Trump went on Twitter to misleadingly compare the dangers of the coronavirus to the

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Builders give Murman another $300,000 in Hillsborough commission race

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Local homebuilders and developers, who have already heavily supported Sandy Murman’s Hillsborough county commissioner race with scores of individual contributions, gave her another $300,000 in two lump sums in September, bringing her total fundraising so far to more than $750,000.

Murman, a sitting commissioner term-limited in her District 1 seat, is challenging Commissioner Pat Kemp’s re-election to a countywide seat, which would give Murman a new term limit.

Much of the development industry opposes Kemp, who has advocated sharply increased impact fees to pay the costs of new residential development.

Kemp has raised $165,932 and been endorsed by the 13,000-member Greater Tampa Realtors. They are likely to make a comparatively smaller contribution to her.

Hillsborough Commissioner Pat Kemp’s is being challenged by term-limited commissioner Sandy Murman for the countywide seat. Times (2019)

Murman’s $300,000 came in the form of a $200,000 contribution from the Tampa Bay Builders Association to Murman’s

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The race to build facial recognition tech for Africa is being led by this award-winning engineer

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Facial recognition technology is not widely employed in Africa, partly because the technology available up till now has not been adept at identifying and differentiating the faces of Black people. US government tests of the best Western-developed facial recognition systems have shown them to misidentify Black people at rates up to five to 10 times higher than they do white people.

The racial disparity in the performance of the biometric artificial intelligence technology which forms the backbone of these systems stemmed from an obvious problem: they are trained by using datasets mostly made up of white faces.

In 2018, four software engineers set up a company in Ghana to address this limitation of commonly available facial recognition software. They were spurred by their own research which revealed Ghanaian banks are beset by widespread identity fraud and cybercrime and spend nearly $400 million a year to identify their customers.

Led by

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