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How R2-D2 and Your Computer Are Similar!

By iwano@_84

If you’re a Star Wars fan, did you ever wonder how Luke Skywalker or Anakin Skywalker could communicate to R2D2? Oh sure, in Empire Strikes Back, we saw Luke using a computer monitor to translate R2’s beeps, but that wasn’t always the case. And you know why? Because Luke and Anakin knew their BIOS.

I’ve always turned on my computer and never really wondered about the beeps. Oh, I have when it went out of control, but this article, I think, should be reviewed for all of us who are ignorant of our computer’s BIOS page. BIOS is “Basic Input Output System”. Your computer has three layers. 1.Operating System, 2. Applications or software, 3.) BIOS. BIOS manages all of your hardware on your computer system. It defines all of it’s parameters. So if you would like to turn off a particular device or change the system time or processing speed. … Read More