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Bad Coaching in the NFL: Farewell to Quinn-Sanity!

By iwano@_84

The Atlanta Falcons have fired Dan Quinn, and while we wish him well, the C’mon Coach community has been dealt another crushing blow to content.

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Aaron Rodgers did not really draw the Atlanta Falcons defense offsides by shouting “HARD COUNT” at the line of scrimmage. But he absolutely could have.

The Falcons finally fired head coach Dan Quinn on Monday after an 0-5 start that provided comedic memories which will last a lifetime: the onside kick of wonder and mystery, back-to-back epic fourth-quarter meltdowns, enough defensive lapses to fill a Pop Warner blooper reel, and a moment when it really sounded like the opposing quarterback purposely embarrassed the Falcons defense by announcing “I am about to fake you out” and then faking them out.

Under Quinn’s deteriorating leadership, the 2020 Falcons went from poorly coached to uncoached to apparently anti-coached. Their defense played like 11 of

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