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Ask These 4 Questions to Design a Great SaaS Website Copy

By iwano@_84

SaaS websites need to be special.

There’s always a temptation to focus heavily on what your software does: the technology used in your processes, the features of your offering, etc. Those things are great – and they can serve as validation of your offering’s value.

But it’s important to put your own preconceptions aside when you’re designing your SaaS website. If you don’t intentionally work to view your website from an objective perspective, your site will almost certainly have too much jargon, be too complicated to navigate, or even miss your target demographic entirely.

With that in mind, here are four questions to ask when designing and building a website for your SaaS company. These questions will give you the perspective you need in order to find out if your website design is optimal.

1. Does your SaaS website make a great first impression?

Here’s a fact that keeps web

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New My Hero Academia Website Raises Questions About a New Anime

By iwano@_84

My Hero Academia has had a very busy weekend thanks to its news drop on season five. Fans were given a hefty update on the anime’s upcoming season not long ago, and it seems a new report has fans eyeing more updates. After all, it seems a brand-new domain has been registered in Japan, and the site has to do with our favorite heroes-in-training.

The news came to light over on social media thanks to users such as Atsushi101X. It was there netizens were informed a mysterious domain was registered over in Japan. The site itself is heroaca-ex, but the page is locked at the current moment.

As you can guess, this news was met with wild speculation from fans. Netizens were quick to theorize about a future movie or spin-off anime. After all, My Hero Academia does have quite a few side manga series out there. That isn’t

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Are You Planning To Change Your Business Software? Ask Yourself These Important Questions First

By iwano@_84

Founder and CEO at GB Advisors, he helps organizations digitally transform successfully.

A few months ago, a friend contacted me to ask for some recommendations related to his company. He intended to “modernize” his sales department and was convinced that the first step he should take was to change his current CRM software.   

After doing some research, and realizing that there were solutions that offered far more features than his current CRM, he was certain that the switch was the right decision. He wanted just to get my opinion about which specific solution was best for his organization.  

I then invited him to discuss his company’s current situation so I could advise him accordingly. However, the meeting did not end as he expected.   

Based on our conversation, he determined that the total cost of migrating was very high, that the change would take more time than he anticipated

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Oracle Share Test Record High, Walmart Extends Gains, But Key Questions Remain Unanswered in $60 Billion TikTok Deal

By iwano@_84

Oracle Corp shares hit a fresh record peak Monday, while Walmart bumped higher, even as key questions over the nature of the pair’s multi-million investment in China based video sharing app TikTok continue to cloud the weekend deal.

Oracle Share Test Record High, Walmart Extends Gains, But Key Questions Remain Unanswered in $60 Billion TikTok Deal

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Oracle Share Test Record High, Walmart Extends Gains, But Key Questions Remain Unanswered in $60 Billion TikTok Deal

Oracle and Walmart agreed to take a collective 20% stake in TikTok Global, a new company carved out of Beijing-based ByteDance that would include all operations outside of China. The company also added it was a ‘rumor’ that TikTok Global would be controlled by American investors, noting that its majority owners, its proprietary technology as well as the weight of its executive board, would remain China-based.

“The current plan does not involve the transfer of any algorithms and technologies,’ ByteDance said. “Oracle has the authority to check the source code of TikTok

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Questions to Ask a Pond Builder

By iwano@_84

Ready to hire a pond builder for your backyard pond? Here are few questions to ask your pond contractor to be sure to find the best match for you. Asking about a guarantee on your pond construction workmanship is always a good idea. Landscapers are notorious for poor business practices. Typically, landscapers do not answer their phones once paid, thanks to caller I.D. A standard warranty should be one year on all parts and labor.

Does the company offer pond service? This question is important. Chances are if the pond contractor does not offer pond service they will not service your pond problems efficiently after it is built. A quality company will offer a training manual or some type of training to insure the homeowner is comfortable caring for the pond after it is installed.

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How to Get a Bigger Penis Naturally Without Pills, Gadgets, Or Surgery – Frequently Asked Questions

By iwano@_84

If you are searching for answers on how to get a bigger penis naturally, you know that it is hard to do any research without encountering advertisement after advertisement for this pill, that cream, this gadget, and that surgery. Perhaps you have been stupid like I once was and wasted your money on that garbage. Or perhaps you are just tired of all the overblown hype and want real answers about how to make your penis bigger naturally without having to put your faith in something that you know is going to be a letdown.

Because I have been exactly where you are, I have a good feeling about what questions are on your mind and my goal is to set you straight and lead you in the right direction.

Without further adieu, here are the questions I hear most often about natural penis enlargement:

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