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What’s the tech behind Question 1?

By iwano@_84

The initiative is aimed at rectifying a loophole in the original Right To Repair measure, passed eight years ago, which required automakers to sell to independent repair shops in Massachusetts the same digital diagnostic tools and software they provide to their own dealerships.

Now, drive a Ford or a Toyota or a Mercedes into pretty much any repair shop, not just here in Massachusetts but across the country, and a mechanic can plug into the vehicle and talk to all of its onboard computers.

But the carmakers stopped short of providing those mechanics with remote access to the data your car can transmit wirelessly, a huge convenience for vehicle owners, who don’t have to first drive to the repair shop to have a problem diagnosed. A large and growing number of vehicles are capable of this — GM cars equipped with the company’s OnStar system, for instance.

“This is like

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The One Question From Leaders That Can Derail Innovation Teams

By iwano@_84

A few years ago I was working with an innovation team at a global financial firm based in Europe. I was helping  the team to prepare for their pitch to the innovation board. In the weeks leading up to the board meeting, the team had worked intently on preparing materials for the members of the board to read beforehand. These materials were sent to the leaders one week in advance. 

In the pre-read materials,  the team outlined their value proposition, business model, risky assumptions tested so far, key learnings, outstanding assumptions to test and their planned next steps. Their hope was that the leaders would read the materials before the meeting and come prepared with the right questions. 

As an advisor, I was responsible for training both the innovation team and the leaders who were members of the  innovation board. We had gone through lean innovation training with the

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