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An air quality expert recommends the best air purifiers for your home and a simple DIY option

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Fires in the West have made air quality an issue for many across the country. Ironically, at a time when fewer cars are on the road. We consulted an expert about some of the best websites to check air quality and the best purifiers to clean the air around you.

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“Really, it was a remarkable period where Los Angeles had some of the cleanest air in the United States, and that’s not something we can say very often,” started Brian Sheridan, development director at the Coalition for Clean Air.

“We’ve been fighting for clean air since 1971,” explained Sheridan.

Brian Sheridan, development director at the Coalition for Clean Air

You’ve probably checked air quality on your smartphone – it’s even displayed right on Apple Maps.

“There’s a whole revolution that’s happened in the last 5 years

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EPAM Named a Leader in NelsonHall’s 2020 NEAT Vendor Evaluation Process for Overall Quality Engineering Services

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NEWTOWN, Pa., Oct. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —

  • What’s the News: EPAM was recognized by NelsonHall as a leader in Quality Engineering Services—highlighting their ability to keep up with changing client requirements as well as deliver immediate benefits for their Quality Engineering (QE) initiatives
  • Why it is important: Given today’s breakneck pace of new software and product launches, there is no other choice than to implement smarter testing services. EPAM’s expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Continuous Testing (CT) can help make it a seamless process for clients around the world—providing timely risk-based feedback and enabling faster innovation cycles.
  • Who it affects – Sourcing, procurement & IT departments looking for the right partner to provide their organization Quality Assurance (QA)/Quality Engineering services with a proven track record.

EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM), a leading global provider of digital platform engineering and software development services, today announced that it has been recognized

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Disney Surprises Apple ITunes Users With Long-Awaited Quality Boost

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One of the best things about the movie part of Apple iTunes is the amount of titles it carries that are available in 4K resolution and high dynamic range video. Especially as it offers these premium quality versions at no extra cost above their old HD versions.

While most film studios have long been onboard with Apple’s 4K HDR support, though, there’s been one massive hold out: Disney. For the past three years, since Apple first started offering 4K movies with the launch of the first Apple TV 4K box, all titles owned by Disney – including its library of animated classics, its Marvel movies, its Pixar movies and the Star Wars series – have only been available on iTunes in HD resolution and standard dynamic range.

Today, though, iTunes users in the US have been contacting me to say they’ve started to see a large number of Disney titles

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How feedback platforms can improve product quality by 20% in 30 days (VB Live)

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Presented by unitQ

User retention, brand equity, and revenue are driven by product and experience quality. Learn how automated user feedback platforms drive significant improvements, how to integrate tools into your workflow, and more in this VB Live event.

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“Companies trying to grow, trying to increase engagement and retention, can’t do that if they don’t have actionable intelligence around quality issues,” says Anthony Heckman, head of growth at unitQ.

Companies compete around a variety of vectors, he explains. In the content arena, it’s incredibly easy for companies to copy functionality that works. Snapchat grows successful and Instagram launches Live. TikTok gets big, and Instagram launches Reels. A company can compete on price, but you don’t necessarily want to be the lowest cost provider in your industry. That means product quality is key.

“We see, across the board, that category-leading companies, without question, are winning on this

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Quality Management Software (QMS) Market with Report In Depth Industry Analysis on Trends, Growth, Opportunities and Forecast till 2026

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Sep 21, 2020 (Market Insight Reports) —
Data collated by Market Study Report, LLC, regarding ‘Quality Management Software (QMS) Market’ unveils a succinct analysis of the market size, regional spectrum and revenue forecast about the Quality Management Software (QMS) market. Furthermore, the report points out major challenges and latest growth plans embraced by key manufacturers that constitute the competitive spectrum of this business domain.

According to a new report on Quality Management Software (QMS) Market, the global market is anticipated to reach 15.48 USD billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 9.7% during the forecast period.

Request a sample Report of Quality Management Software (QMS) Market at: https://www.marketstudyreport.com/request-a-sample/1695004?utm_source=Marketwatch&utm_medium=RV

Key players for QMS in the market are Aras Corporation, Dassault Systems SE, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Co., MasterControl, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Oracle Corporation, Parasoft Corporation, PSC Biotech Corp., SAP SE,

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5 High Quality Office Headsets Below $200

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A headset is very important to be used in workplaces and homes. They do have many benefits. Those people who use headsets during work do not get tired soon or have back pain. If you will use a headset as a part of your daily routine work, then it would surely improve your body posture.

Headsets are used all over the world in diverse organizations for better communication. They allow the workers to hear the voice of another person on call and answer him appropriately. They can also improve efficiency and productivity. Your hands will be free when you are on call with a headset.

Efficiency & Freedom

Headsets free both hands of a person, and he can do other tasks during a call. It not only improves the effectiveness of a person but also make him feel free. Wireless headsets are of great use as they allow additional freedom … Read More

3 Ways of Enhancing Your Quality Time Without Gadgets

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The guilt I have faced when conversing with my two children whilst cooking dinner, making a mental note of what to pack in their lunchboxes and then trying to remember the conversation I had to then find out, you were in ”autopilot mode” and you didn’t actually hear what they were saying. We miss out on finding out what our children have been doing at school and their day to day antics due to digital noise.

We are all too consumed by technology, so much that it has taken us away from communicating face to face. Access to the outside world is at our fingertips and we have a voyeuristic behaviors, checking what is happening to someone on social media instead of taking time to find out how the person next to you is feeling. I am guilty of this and have had to exercise a few rules in order … Read More

Frustrated With Programmers Writing Low Quality Code? Don’t Hate the Player, Raise the Game!

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Improve Code or Improve Software Developers

How often do you hear complaints about bad code? In amongst the banter is always a view that the system must be re-written. Much of that banter is about how to re-write things better this time. How to re-design the database schema. How to improve the software by stealth during the implementation of a business requirement.

Amongst the “improving” or “re-writing” banter, very little, practically nothing, is said about the coders themselves. The same teams that have gotten the software into a legacy state, want the chance to rewrite it all. To do it all properly this time round.

Insanity. Doing the Same Thing and Expecting Different Results

When programmers moan about the software quality and want to re-write it, You can’t help but wonder what has changed. Ask them, and the reply will be that they were not given enough time to code … Read More

5 Rules of Software Quality Engineering That You Must Not Miss

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The digital transformation process has seen an increase in the complexity of software. This is due to the fact that a software application has to work in a multi-dimensional environment comprising of processes, devices, networks, operating systems, frameworks, servers, IDE’s, and others. Besides, each component of the environment can be further divided thereby increasing its complexity. Technology is changing at a rapid pace and each and every software built on it needs to perform at its optimum level. The software interface to technologies such as the cloud, mobility, big data, and analytics, AI or IoT should be robust enough to deliver quality and meet the user expectations.

Given the increase in software complexity, technology changes and the shifting dynamics of user behaviour, the quality of software or application should be top notch. To ensure the quality of software across dimensions, paradigms and disciplines, the quality assurance process needs to undergo … Read More

Here’s What You Must Look for in Good Quality CCTV Cameras

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Technology used in CCTV Cameras:

Currently over 7 video surveillance technologies are in use and they are: High Definition Video Transport Interface, High Definition Composite Video Interface, Analogue High Definition, High Definition Serial Digital Interface, IP Network, Advanced Analogue systems and Analogue systems.

Of all these, the IP Network technology is one that finds use in all commercial areas as well as homes. This technology is used in confined areas to watch over human activity for the purpose of security as well as on roads and highways, along with various apps that facilitate license plate identification, traffic estimation etc.

So, if you are keen on making use of this technology in your home or office, here’s a quick guide to help you identify the right camera that will solve your purpose:

The Form Factor: Form factor basically means the kind of camera that will be best for your need. The … Read More