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ESCAM Robot QN02, A Loyal Patrol or A Scrupulous Nanny?

By iwano@_84

At the moment, the popularity of video surveillance of one’s own home has increased significantly. People usually installed the hidden cameras, intercoms and other security system for home security, as these can help to monitor the objects and provide the necessary data in the event of a robbery. However, is it enough? Of course not. All this can only help to monitor an established area of you home. You need a mobile device which works like a home security guard. Fortunately, ESCAM Robot QN02 is such an intelligent mobile device which is committed to providing a better defense for your home. Today, let’s check it in detail.

A Loyal Patrol

Above all, ESCAM Robot QN02 is a mobile video surveillance camera that can move on the floor in your apartment or private house. It would work as a loyal patrol so that you can view the whole home at any … Read More