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The Reason Behind the Huge Demand of Python Developers

By iwano@_84

Python is a gem in the IT industry: Python was conceived in early 1980s and presented to the industry in late 80s. Due to lack of proper marketing, it could not gather the notice of the industry for more than decades. Moreover, it has some inbuilt issues with the core concept and that has been working as an obstacle in its success path. In twenty first century, Google brought it from dirt and made some necessary changes over its set up and configurations. As a result, it gained the power and performance that it has within itself but in a secret nutshell come to the industry. Google modified the core logic of the language and it also deleted all the repeated modules and methods from the library making it lighter and smoother. Now, it increased its performance by twice or thrice. Hence it becomes one of the most powerful languages … Read More

Review of ‘Invent Your Own Computer Games With Python’ by Al Sweigart

By iwano@_84

Nowadays, there are few books that serve the function of teaching programming, as well as providing fun, especially for the children. Al’s book serves both.

Basically, this book is about creating games with python but it also serves as a ground for ‘breaking the ice’ for those who think that programming is only for the ‘PC geeks’. According to Al, ‘Programming isn’t hard. But it is hard to find learning materials that teach you to do interesting things with programming. Other computer books go over many topics that most newbie coders don’t need. This book will teach you how to program your own computer games. You will learn a useful skill and have fun games to show for it!’

It allows readers to create an interactive game using python and late shift the skill up by using pygame to create animation and sound, a very important aspect of creating games.… Read More