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The promise, and struggle, of putting widgets on your iOS home screen

By iwano@_84

After 13 years, iPhone users finally have the opportunity to do what their Android-loving counterparts have been doing from the beginning: Customizing home screens with widgets.

Although iOS still isn’t as much of a free-form party as Google’s Android mobile operating system, with version 14 users now have the ability to see more than just icons on their home screens. Widgets bring useful information front and center, and they’re a long time coming in iOS.

There were a limited number of widgets available just after iOS 14’s release, but developers are adding them at a steady clip, allowing you to keep an eye on everything from the weather to the status of an airline flight to the current value of your bitcoin wallet.

OPERATING SYSTMES: To update or not to update? That is always the question

But give an iPhone user an inch and they’ll want a mile. Not content

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How a fake “Real Oversight Board” is putting pressure on Facebook

By iwano@_84

Today let’s talk about Facebook’s Oversight Board, the “real” Oversight Board, and what it means for the 2020 election.

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© Illustration by James Bareham / The Verge

Last week I wrote about how Facebook’s vast size and monarchic corporate structure had contributed to a steady stream of controversies all summer. When every decision on which posts to remove comes down to the judgment of one person, that person will be subject to enormous pressure to take one side or another. Facebook’s proposed solution to this is the Oversight Board, an independent group that will serve as a kind of Supreme Court for content moderation.


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When it’s up and running, the board will hear appeals from users who believe their posts have been removed in error, and will either uphold Facebook’s original call or reverse it. Inevitably, the board will take some actions that Facebook itself disagrees with, and

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