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Figma is proving to be the essential design tool of COVID-19

By iwano@_84

How is that possible? At least part of the credit goes to a piece of cloud-based, collaborative creation software called Figma–used widely at companies including Microsoft, Spotify, and Airbnb. Our 2020 Innovation by Design winner in User Experience, Figma allows designers to rapidly prototype apps and websites. Choices they make, from wireframes to drop shadows, can become instant standards baked into Figma’s UI, shared across their company to keep a consistent design language and even audited to ensure the language is being used. Figma’s project files can easily be shared outside the design team, too, with engineers, product managers, and members of the marketing team able to offer feedback from the early stages of the production process.

Figma has been around since 2016. In 2019, Figma’s development was largely about ensuring that just anything you want to build in Figma, you could build in Figma. The company also launched a

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