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Facebook and Twitter CEOs to attend hearing about Section 230 protections

By iwano@_84

Over the past months, politicians from both sides have been taking steps to change Section 230, arguing that the internet has changed considerably since it was approved. The President signed an executive order proposing to limit the protections social media platforms enjoy back in May. A few months later, in July, the administration filed a petition asking the FCC to conjure up rules so that Section 230 can both promote a free flow of ideas while holding platforms accountable at the same time.

The Justice Department also released a proposal to roll back legal protections Section 230 provides to internet platforms. And a Senate bill submitted by a Democratic and a Republican Senator seeks to modernize Section 230, though not by limiting the protections it provides. They simply want to compel online platforms to explain their moderation practices through a readily-available acceptable use policy and to provide detailed takedown reports.

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