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Four Best Practices For Protecting Your Business From Website Noncompliance

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Nathan Mayfield, Vice President of ResNexus: Elevating industries, one business at a time, through service, innovation and education. 

As business owners, we should do all we can to make our businesses accessible to all of our clients. As more businesses move into the digital space and websites are becoming ubiquitous, there is a growing need to ensure not only your physical business but also your website is accessible in order to provide equal access to all and be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

A Brief History Of The ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act was originally passed in 1990 as a way to ensure those with disabilities weren’t unfairly treated and had equal access to buildings and services. While the ADA does not specifically address websites, Title III of the ADA (which requires public accommodation for people with disabilities) has been interpreted to cover websites,

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Protecting your gadgets from viruses and malware

By iwano@_84

By Ashita Chopra

Are you aware that your phone or any other electronic gadget can have a number of threats and malware issues? 
Mr Remmegious Ssewankambo, a senior executive director at Techjaja, says malware is a malicious software designed to cause damage or gain unauthorised access to computers, servers and networks.  
Experts at Norton, who deal in providing anti-virus and security software, says once your phone is hacked, your other devices may be next if they are connected. 
Malware is a software that specifically targets the operating systems on mobile phones. 
According to Mr Noah Baalessanvu, head of technology at Crypto Savannah, malware is the short form for malicious software. It is a programme or app that is designed to steal or compromise the security of your device (computer or mobile phone). 
He says malware takes many forms depending on what it is designed to do. 
“Cybercriminals use it to

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Passwords or Pass Phrase? Protecting your Intellectual Property

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Much has been said on the theory of password protection for files, computer login, and other network access. In the past we used a combination of letters, special characters, and other techniques to try and prevent unwanted or unauthorized access to our computers, resources, and networks. A new theory on passwords is emerging that may help us remember our access codes, be more secure, and generally keep hackers and thieves out of our networks.

A password is a combination of words, letters, and special characters that only the user knows, allowing access to a computer or other information resources. As humans we have a large number of codes and numbers we need to remember every day – such as the key lock on our apartment entries, national identification numbers, automobile license or tag numbers, telephone numbers – it is a large and confusing suite of items we need to memorize.… Read More

Protecting Your Body From Aches and Pain

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It is our responsibility to take care of our bodies to the best of our ability. We may seem strong, healthy, and pain-free today, but there is no telling what can happen tomorrow. Our bodies more delicate than they may seem, some bones and muscles are very sensitive, and so are certain nerves and joints. Those of us who work very long hours a day, can suffer from many body related problems. This includes, but is not limited to, bad posture, back aches, body aches, nerve damage, and joint damage.

Good news is that most of these only happen when we fail to take care of our body properly. Prevent aches and pain by taking care of yourself, and pay attention to the most important facet of prevention -posture.

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