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FAA must do more to protect computer systems from hackers, GAO says

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The GAO recommends that the FAA conduct a risk assessment and train inspectors to judge the security of avionics systems. It said the FAA should enact guidance that includes independent testing of cybersecurity on new plane designs.

The GAO report focused on the vulnerability of systems on planes that automatically transmit data to air traffic controllers, airline maintenance crews and others on the ground. Advanced networks carry data used to track planes, tell pilots about weather ahead, and handle secure communication between pilots and people on the ground.

The FAA said it agreed with most of the watchdog agency’s recommendations.

Malls to see fewer shoppers this holiday

For most Americans, this holiday shopping season won’t include one longtime staple: the mall.

Just 45 percent of U.S. consumers plan to go to a shopping mall this season, down from 64 percent who visited in November and December 2019, according to an

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Donald Trump administration imposes new curbs on H-1B visas to protect US workers, narrows ‘specialty occupation’ definition

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a man wearing a suit and tie: Donald Trump administration imposes new curbs on H-1B visas to protect US workers, narrows ‘specialty occupation’ definition

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Donald Trump administration imposes new curbs on H-1B visas to protect US workers, narrows ‘specialty occupation’ definition

Washington: The Trump administration has announced new restrictions on H-1B nonimmigrant visa programme which it said is aimed at protecting American workers, restoring integrity and to better guarantee that H-1B petitions are approved only for qualified beneficiaries and petitioners, a move which is likely to affect thousands of Indian IT professionals.

The interim final rule announced by the Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday, less than four weeks ahead of the US presidential election, will narrow the definition of “specialty occupation” as Congress intended by closing the overbroad definition that allowed companies to game the system.

It will also require companies to make “real” offers to “real employees,” by closing loopholes and preventing the displacement of the American workers. And finally, the new rules would enhance the department’s

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Gamer-Centric Uninterruptible Power Supply Set To Protect Xbox Series X, PS5 And PC

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PS5’s Demon’s Soul’s remake won’t be easy, and experiencing a power outage right before the next checkpoint could be downright catastrophic. Isn’t that game already hard enough as it is?

This past week, power protection leader Schneider Electric announced the imminent release of its new gamer-focused interruptible power supply, the APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming UPS. The upcoming gadget seeks “to protect gaming gear and maintain [players’] connection through power irregularities”, this according to the official press release.

In typical gamer aesthetic fashion, the device will feature 12 customizable RGB LED lights. Sinewave battery backup power, coupled with AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator), promises to supply a silky smooth electrical current to your Xbox Series X, PS5 or PC gaming rig during dangerous power irregularities and outages.

Even routers and modems will be protected. For those unfamiliar with this sort of technology, after the

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Best Ways To Protect Against Computer Viruses

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Some Universal Tips To Protect You Against Computer Viruses

  • Use a standard user account
  • Use the Highest User Account Control Setting (UAC)
  • Use an Antivirus with Web Security
  • Enable automatic update Java
  • Keep your Windows Up to Date
  • Use a Windows EMET (Enhance Mitigation Experience Toolkit)

Use a standard user account

Now the first thing is to make sure that your user account that you’re using every day is a standard account, not an admin account. The reason most computer viruses these days especially once the drive-by without any user interaction. It really requires you to be an admin to work properly.

So if you’re just a standard user and you don’t have admin privileges, which isn’t that big of a deal. Then it means that the virus is not going to be able to install itself. Or if it is then it means it’s not going to be able … Read More

X1 Football Helmet Incorporates New Technology to Protect Players From Concussions

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A lot of attention has been paid to the dangers of concussions in football since the death of former NFL defensive back Andre Waters and the release of a report that indicated concussions were tied to depression in ex-NFL players. Those incidents have led the NFL to undertake several new initiatives and, across the nation, football programs from the high-school to professional levels are taking a more proactive approach to preventing head injuries. A former Harvard quarterback and his innovative company are also contributing to the cause with their newest invention – the X1 football helmet.

The X1 is the product of Xenith LLC, a company established in 2004 by Vincent Ferrara – a Harvard quarterback in the mid-90s and a graduate of Columbia’s business and medical schools. Ferrara founded Xenith with the mission of advancing safety and activity through innovation and education, and the company is currently focusing most … Read More

How To Protect Your Camera

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Investing your hard-earned money in the latest, top of the line camera is no joke. Aside from the expensive price tag, it needs regular maintenance and requires careful handling. Unknowingly, your camera also tends to get subjected in a number of extreme conditions. And these harsh environmental factors can immensely degrade or worse, destroy the equipment itself. That is why it is also imperative to invest in a sturdy, reliable case to protect your camera.

High temperature or hot weather can have adverse effects on your camera. Extreme heat can dry out the protective seals that protect your gear from other elements like dust and moisture. Notice that the working temperature of your camera is documented in the manual. Exposing it above or below the temperature range specified may significantly affect picture quality or damage the equipment.

Cold temperature is one of the biggest issues for photographers because it causes … Read More

How to Protect Against Virus, Hackers, Malware Etc

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Despite your more extensive goals, keeping your gadget sound is a basic initial step down the way toward better security. Thus, before you start stressing a lot over solid passwords, private correspondence, and secure network for instance, you have to ensure that your PC is not defenseless against hackers or tormented by pernicious programming, regularly called malware, for example, virus and spyware. The key pathway through which malware assaults the framework is the Internet and its prominent administration, the Web.

There are various approaches to shield and expel malware from our PCs. Nobody strategy is sufficient to guarantee your PC is secured. The more layers of the guard, the harder for hackers to utilize your PC.

• Install Firewall – A firewall is an initial step to give security to the PC. It makes a boundary between the PC and any unapproved system attempting to come in through the Internet.… Read More