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Students, professors use new methods to form connections through the computer screen

By iwano@_84

Manda Maples, an art history professor, is engaging students through technology tools. Maples said she employs polls, break-out rooms, active discussion in virtual recitations, voice thread software on Sakai and live tours of art exhibits. 

Over the course of the semester, Maples said she has led live virtual tours through art exhibits at the North Carolina Museum of Art and the Ackland Art Museum. 

“At the NCMA, I had a videographer at the museum follow me and zoom in on objects and (the students) could ask questions about what they wanted to hear more about,” Maples said. “It was as close as we could get to them being in the room with me.”

Blake Ryan, a sophomore and student of Maples, said the professor is always cheerful and tries to stimulate interest among students in African art, her specialization. 

“(The tour) showed her actual dedication to her job and work

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