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Serious Google Photos Problem Impacts Millions Of Users

By iwano@_84

Google Photos is a great place to keep a backup of all your smartphone pictures, but some Samsung users have recently discovered that the service can no-longer be trusted to keep their images safe.

MORE FROM FORBESGoogle’s Pixel Smartphones Have Serious New Problems

According to a report by Android Police, images created in Samsung’s Motion Photos format are no-longer saving correctly on Google Photos, causing data to be lost. 

Motion Photos enhance regular still shots by adding a short video clip, and sometimes audio, each time the shutter is clicked. Unfortunately, these audio and video elements are apparently being stripped out by Google Photos, leaving only the still image.

It’s not clear at this point whether Google Photos is simply failing to display the video content or whether it hasn’t been saved at all. This means Samsung users can’t currently trust

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New Nvidia RTX 3080 Teardown Reveals A Serious Problem

By iwano@_84

If you’re one of the lucky few who scored an Nvidia RTX 3080 before stock was decimated and snatched up by bots, congratulations! Hopefully that purchase didn’t leave you with buyer’s remorse, because an increasing number of early adopters are reporting that their shiny new RTX 3080 graphics cards are crashing to the desktop in the middle of various gaming sessions.

VideoCardz was the first English language site to report that several 3rd-party, factory-overclocked RTX 3080 models from ZOTAC, MSI, Gigabyte and others are exhibiting unexplained crashes or severe graphical artifacts while gaming. Since then the problem has become more widespread, with complaints mounting on sites like Reddit, LinusTechTips and Nvidia’s own forums.

What’s The Problem, Exactly?

In a nutshell: when the affected models reach a boost GPU clock speed of 2.0GHz or higher, the

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Software makers have gotten worse at documentation and here’s why that’s a problem

By iwano@_84

Documentation is an aspect of development that is often overlooked. Find out why Jack Wallen believes this needs to change.

Software developer freelancer woman working at night

Image: iStockphoto/monstArrr_

As you might know, I write a lot of tutorials. On any given week, I might pen anywhere from seven to 10 such articles. I’ve also been an administrator for a number of clients which means I work with a lot of software, much of it open source. Because of that, I read quite a bit of documentation. This is a necessity, especially when you’re working with a new piece of software, or something that’s been around, but unfamiliar.

I’ve been doing this for over 20 years. 

One common thread I’ve found over time is that documentation has gotten progressively worse. This isn’t just small open source projects, it’s large projects that even enterprise-level companies depend on. In fact, in some instances, the documentation has become so bad

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Computer Problems? No Problem!

By iwano@_84

If you are a compute owner, you would know that everything doesn’t continuously run perfectly. There are times that you will have to fix your computer, because every system runs into some sort of technical difficulties. These technical difficulties can consist of hardware and software malfunctions. Some of these problems will give you more headaches that others, and some of them will be an easy fix. Regardless, you need to be aware of some of the more frequent things that happen with the computers so that you will be able to fix the problem in a shortest amount of time, because we all know that the time we have is precious.

Easiest way to solve a problem with the computer is by just attempting to restart it. It is crazy how many little problems will be solved by just restarting the computer. After you restart your computer, make sure your … Read More