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The high privacy cost of a ‘free’ website

By iwano@_84

Kara Zajac said SPART*A, a small nonprofit serving transgender military service members and veterans, helped her begin her transition while in the Navy. To give back, she volunteered to build the group’s website in her spare time after leaving the military—and kept her eye on a key value: privacy.

“I don’t track users,” Zajac said. “Not everyone in the military is wanting to be known for being trans. They might not be out yet. So any time we can protect privacy in that way, we try to do it.”

She said she only allowed three trackers on spartapride.org: cookies from Twitter and Facebook that accompany their “like” buttons on the site, and one from Disqus, a commenting platform she got through a prepackaged website theme she bought off the internet for $59 to build the site.

But when The Markup scanned spartapride.org using our new instant privacy inspector, Blacklight, we

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PSA: Google Meet to limit meetings to 60 minutes on free plans September 30th

By iwano@_84

Google said in April it would allow unlimited-length meetings in its Google Meet video chat platform for all users until September 30th, and it looks like the company is sticking with that timeline. After September 30th, free versions of Meet will be limited to meetings no longer than 60 minutes.

“We don’t have anything to communicate regarding changes to the promo and advanced features expiring,” a Google spokesperson told The Verge in an email Friday. “If this changes, we’ll be sure to let you know.”

Under the extension, anyone with a Google account could create free meetings with up to 100 people, and with no time limit.

Also going away September 30th are access to advanced features for G Suite and G Suite for Education customers, including allowing meetings of up to 250 participants, live-streams of up to 100,000 people within a single domain, and the ability to save meeting

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Delhi govt to challenge HC order on providing free gadgets and internet; will seek clarity on funding from Centre – cities

By iwano@_84

New Delhi: Less than a week after the Delhi high court directed private unaided schools in the national capital to provide gadgets and internet connections to poor students for online classes and claim reimbursement from the Delhi government in accordance with the Right to Education (RTE) Act, 2009, the government is likely to challenge the order in the Supreme Court.

Officials in the Delhi government’s education department confirmed to HT that they have decided to file an appeal before the Supreme Court, challenging the HC’s division bench’s September 18 order on the grounds that it has not laid down clear reimbursement guidelines for the Centre.

“While the Delhi high court has asked the schools to claim reimbursement from the state government within eight weeks of the supply of gadgets or internet, there are clear directions on how and when the Centre will reimburse the state. The Delhi government will request

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Best free software to draw on screen in Windows 10 PC

By iwano@_84

This post covers some of the best free software that allow you to draw on the screen on your PC. An overlay is created to help you draw over any running software, opened window, application, etc., on the desktop screen. You can use a highlighter or pen to draw, write something on the screen, or mark areas. It can come in handy during presentations, online meetings, video conferences, and more.

There exist many free drawing software, but the feature to draw directly on the desktop screen is not present there. Therefore, we created this post to help you serve this purpose.

Draw on desktop screen in Windows 10

This post includes 5 free software to draw on Windows 10 screen, Windows Ink Screen Sketch has already been covered elsewhere on this site.

  1. gInk
  2. Epic Pen
  3. Paint on Whiteboard Desktop
  4. LiveDraw
  5. ZoomIt.

1] gInk

gInk is one of the best

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Why you need a web development company for your website : Augusta Free Press

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Photo Credit: sweetym/iStock Photo

It’s true that these days, anyone can create a website. However, if you want one for your business or you want to improve the website you already have, it may benefit you to hire a web development company. You can focus on your business while an expert web developer handles the task of creating an awesome website that is sure to attract your target audience.

Web Dev May Not Be Your Strongest Point

A study by a web development company in Netherlands suggests that it’s more cost-efficient to get professional services. It’s because if web creation is not your strongest point, you’re going

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How Financial Advisors Can Free Themselves Of The Assumptions That Might Be Holding Them Back

By iwano@_84

In a time when advisors have more choice of how and where to build their businesses than ever before, many find themselves “held hostage” by beliefs that could be limiting their true potential.

The process of considering change is a complex one, where an advisor’s goals often conflict with preconceived notions—the latter of which can take hold, distracting him from focusing on what’s best for the business overall. It’s a mind game that many get stuck playing, essentially driven by FEAR: That is, False Evidence Appearing Real.

Deep down, they know it’s time to make a change, but are fixated on what they think “might happen” if they do. For example:

·      A large client that makes up a significant portion of their book may not follow.

·      A critical team member who plays an important role in the business may choose to stay

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Monster Hunter Rise Will Have Free Post-Launch Content And Is Targeting 30FPS

By iwano@_84

Monster Hunter Rise has been revealed as the next Monster Hunter game for Switch, and unlike Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate it’s been built from the ground up for Nintendo’s hybrid portable. The initial announcement trailer (below) gave us a look at the new game, but now more information has come to light.

YouTube Monster Hunter superfan Arekkz has spoken to Capcom community manager “Socks” about the upcoming game, and he’s dug up some new details on the Switch exclusive. Socks talks about what fans can expect, including information about post-launch content and some information about its engine and performance.

You can watch a summary of Arekkz’s Q&A below–it seems that the actual interview was not recorded or usable, though, so it’s a recitation of the information he received.

From his interview, Arekkz learned that Rise won’t be an open world game, but it will build on the exploration mechanics in

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Minecraft is now available for PlayStation VR as a free update

By iwano@_84

Minecraft’s PlayStation VR update is available now to download. Developer Mojang Studios announced the update earlier this month but hadn’t previously said when it would be playable. If you own Minecraft on PlayStation, then the update is completely free.

The update does exactly what it says on the tin, making Minecraft playable on Sony’s PlayStation VR platform. It’s not the first time Minecraft has come to virtual reality, but it’s a welcome addition to the roster given the size of PlayStation VR’s install base. Of course, you will need a PlayStation VR headset and a console to play.

As Mojang said earlier this month, there are no changes to the game for virtual reality beyond some basic interface tweaks. Everything else remains exactly the same, with players using the PS4 controller to move about the virtual world.

The game is “100 percent the same Minecraft game that you can

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IIT Kharagpur is Offering Free Online Course on Software Engineering: Here Are the Details

By iwano@_84

IIT Kharagpur is currently accepting enrollments for a free online course on software engineering on NPTEL, which may be beneficial to computer science engineers. The AICTE approved FDP course would require prospective students to have knowledge of C Programming and Java or C++ programming. The course aims at making students aware of the challenges of large scale software development and will also help students overcome the same.

The course will be conducted by Rajib Mall who is a professor at the department of computer science and engineering, IIT Kharagpur. The professor has over two decades of teaching experience in the areas of program analysis and testing and has written five textbooks and over 150 referred research papers.

What Will be Taught in the IIT Kharagpur Free Online Course on Software Engineering?

The course, which is 12 weeks long, can be taken from 14 September to 4 December 2020, and the

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Last Chance To Grab Nintendo Switch’s Free Jump Rope Game

By iwano@_84

Earlier this summer, Nintendo released a small, free fitness game on the Switch eShop called Jump Rope Challenge. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, however, your time to do so is quickly running out, as the game will only be available on the digital storefront until the end of this month.

As the company previously announced, Jump Rope Challenge is being removed from the eShop on September 30. It’s unclear if it will be offered again in the future, so if you’re interested in grabbing it, you should do so before that date.

Jump Rope Challenge
Jump Rope Challenge
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Nintendo says Jump Rope Challenge was “created by a small group of Nintendo developers while working from home in Japan as a simple game to add some quick and fun movement into their daily lives.” The game uses Switch’s Joy-Con controllers to mimic jump rope handles and tracks how many times you’ve virtually jumped

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