It is not every day that you will find an opportunity to develop apps for Apple, especially if you are a software developer. There are some important things or guidelines that you need to know. Additionally, when it comes to the ecosystem of Apple or developing iPhone applications, things are different. This article will give you guidelines for app design software; it is about the iOS app that you need to keep in mind.

Developing iPhone applications

Often the techies are in a fix regarding developing iPhone applications. It is not about making the decision of developing one, but understanding if you need to or not. Majority of times you need not develop an application just because it is in demand rather it is more about plethora of apps that are already there. For computer developers, it is easy to develop an app at a faster rate than anyone out … Read More

Custom Software Development services are growing day by day. One of the major reasons behind it is the flexibility custom made software solution offers which almost every business is in need of to modernize and to change with the often changing working patterns. Further, to stay ahead in this fast paced and competitive world, companies have to be highly adaptable and to suit such transforming needs customized software solutions play a key role.

In order to get smartest programs, businesses need to use client-oriented approach or project management. Companies should be well aware of the requirements of their customers. If you are a company you can take help of specialists to learn about the products of your customers and meeting closest to the needs of your customers in most efficient way. It is the duty of the manager to contact customers and update them about the progress of their work. … Read More

Programming software or an application can be somewhat stressful at times, especially when it comes to coding different parts of a big project. Thus, having a system in place that allows you to take the development process step-by-step without feeling overwhelmed is essential to producing a high-quality piece of software.

This is exactly what the SDLC is – a system of activities that includes several stages or phases and when followed, ensures that you have a good understanding of the task at hand while also eliminating error as much as possible.

In this article, we’ll be deep diving into these stages and what each of them includes.

Business Analysis or Discovery Phase

First, you have to plan. There’s no such thing as too much planning and if you miss out even one minor detail during this stage, you could find yourself having to revise the entire project.

During the analysis … Read More

If you want to buy or sell shares otherwise called stock, you go to a licensed stockbroker who will act as your agent on the floor of stock exchange. At the end of it all, you are given a share certificate by a Registrar. There are also jobbers on the floor of stock exchange who buy shares from brokers and sell them to other brokers. For new shares, the stockbroker presents the offer for subscription to the public through an issuing house which is usually a bank and subscribers are issued share certificate at the end too by a Registrar.

Daily report on activities on the floor of stock exchange are produced for stakeholders and other interested members of the public. One of the avenues for getting such reports is the official web site of a stock broking company. As usual, the web site will have the visitor’s section and … Read More

In the software development industry, there are two main approaches that drive the project life-cycle. Traditional software development, also known as the Waterfall method, is a linear and structured approach that relies on processes to accomplish the end results. Agile methodology is a non-linear approach to software development that adapts to changing requirements and flexible planning throughout the entire process. When choosing a vendor for custom software development, it is important to be familiar with both methods to determine which will be the best approach for your business needs.

Traditional software development practices can be broken down into four distinct phases. The initial step is to set up the requirements for the project and determine the length of time it will take to implement the various phases of development while trying to predict any problems that may arise. Once the requirements are laid out, the next step moves into the … Read More

Developing a new software product/application or adding a new feature to the existing one could be overwhelming. The development team requires evaluating their initiatives shrewdly to make product development a successful task. From complex working environments to technical difficulties, and support services, many factors influence a software product design. But, with paying attention to the details, the team can propel development and support process higher.

Market Orientation

With market orientation, we mean identifying and meeting customer’s expectations and requirements. A product development team should focus on conducting comprehensive user research and market research to gain insights into customer’s desires. By outlining their preferences and seeing what features they exactly want in a product, the development team could deliver high-quality user experiences.

Development Strategies

Having a strategized plan of action for developing a new product is something which you can’t overlook. Creating a new product requires dividing the tasks between product … Read More

Are you a startup company and trying to start an online business? What is the first and the foremost requirement? Well the answer is a good website development company. Yes, it is a fact that in order to start an online business, first of all you need to search for the right website development company. There are many advantages of the same. Some are given as under:

1. Selection in the domain name: most of the business owners commit the mistake of first booking a domain name, and then make up their mind to get in touch with a website design company. This is a wrong move, as a correct domain name helps a lot in reputation building and bringing a website in ranking. Only an experienced website development company has professionals who can guide on the right selection of the domain name.

2. Selection in the services: How a … Read More

ECommerce or electronic commerce is the trading in products or services using computer networks. B2C and B2B are common notations for business to consumers and business to business eCommerce and makes use of technologies like mobile commerce, internet marketing, online transaction processing and a few others.

Today, almost everything in this world is sold through the internet and this makes ecommerce and designing websites more relevant than ever before.

An Ecommerce website is as good as a virtual store. Just as when we walk into a shop, the general ambience should appeal to us while doing business. There are always personal likes and dislikes, but the overall appearance of the website should be inoffensive and inviting.

It is recorded that in 1984, Gateshead SIS/Tesco is the first B2C online shopping system and Mrs. Snowball, 72 is the first online home shopper. In 2015 Amazon stood at the world’s largest eCommerce … Read More

Offshore software development companies are well versed with the needs of the present day IT requirements. Offshore software company India is one such outlet that keeps an eye on client’s business development along with growth at individual echelon. These approaches added to the creativity, talent, and expertise already present in Indian software developer’s help our clients to realize successes.

Offshore software development services are best suited for a company that has visions of long term competitiveness. Offshore software company India provides software development services and also the subsequent support and maintenance services, with guaranteed results and within proposed budget. We have developed world class IT solutions for our clients and partners in fields of software, online business, or enterprise. We develop software solutions using industry standard tools, following the software development cycle from start to finish. The enormous experience and expertise has enabled offshore software company India to emerge as … Read More

Offshore software development is a big business today. However, most companies find very high development costs due to labor costs. While other developing countries, particularly India offer the cheapest option for software development. India has a rich pool of talented software professionals who are very competent in English. It is a blessing for customers outsourcing that they can easily conduct their activities in software development with their Indian counterparts, with minimal hassle.

The Indian offshore development center software offers many advantages:

1) provides customized services-The biggest advantage of offshore center is that it is totally customer-oriented and focuses on the requirements of software applications and web client. The vendor uses the latest tools and technologies to create and integrate web applications / software that are not available on the market. These applications are costly but they have their own merits. However, development costs can be overcome by outsourcing web / … Read More