Outsourcing is becoming a common development among specific industries and services. Outsourcing can be defined as subcontracting a service to a third party company to provide a service that could otherwise be performed by in-house workers. Simply put, outsourcing refers to a transfer of a business function or a service to an external, third party service provider.

Many large scale and medium scale businesses are getting more and more involved in outsourcing as the years go by. An example of jobs being outsourced are call centers who run services such as technical support, credit cards, medical transcription, and even bill payments. These third party companies either handle different jobs or they do offer the same service but cater to a wide range of clients. Most of these jobs are situated overseas or off shore and are usually located in developing countries.

Only recently has outsourcing been used for a lot … Read More

What kind of TV would be considered as high definition? Should its price be as high as what a sky rocket can reach and its features are pleasing enough for the President of every country? Well, Samsung defined High Definition through its latest model in addition to its already legendary series.

While different brands have emerged with their up-to-date and more advanced LCD TV models, Samsung did its best to maintain its place and even prevail over the rest of the other brands. This pioneer LCD brand introduced the Samsung Touch of Color flat screen TV. Technically termed as the Samsung Ln52A650 model, that is for the 52-incl flat screen; this new Samsung LCD is ready to set new trends in home television viewing. The traditional piano black color of the screen’s interior was touched by an attractive and eye-catching red streak. The overall appearance is a sleek, modern, classy, … Read More

The computer hard drive, which is simply a component within your system, stores your data for you permanently. When you want to locate a document or look at your pictures, your computer operating system locates them on your hard drive and then displays them on your monitor. A simple definition of a hard drive is a sealed device which has the ability to store digital data on self contained magnetic disks, called platters, which are written to and read by a special head at the end of an arm which operates very similar to a household record player. If you picture in your mind a record player, also called a turn table, it has a needle at the end of an arm that plays the music as the record spins. The part in your fixed disk which reads the data is positioned extremely close to the spinning platter and moves … Read More

As the data keeps streaming by, sniffers capture each packet and decode them if needed showing the value of various field in the packet. The content then gets analyzed as per the specifications. The analysis helps in determining if there are unusual packets. This helps in maintaining effective data transmission.


A packet capture can be used in two ways- legitimately and illegitimately. In legitimate use, sniffing identifies the data and transmission errors to ensure an efficient network communication. However, in an illegitimate scenario, a disgruntled employee can use the data to actually ‘capture’ the company’s credit account information. Obviously, this information is not for any saintly purpose. He may use the information to transfer the company money to his own personal accounts!

Its Importance

The primary importance of packet sniffer is detection of network. A packet capture is similar to telephone wire tapping. It detects what is going through … Read More

As mentioned before SAP is an acronym for “System Application & Products” which creates a common centralised database for all the applications running in an organization. The application has been assembled in such a versatile way that it handles all the functional department within an organisation. Today major companies including Microsoft and IBM are using SAP’s Products to run their own businesses.

R/2, which ran on a Mainframe architecture, was the first SAP version. Sap’s products are generally focused on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Sap’s applications are built around R/3 system which provide the functionality to manage product operations, cost accounting, assets, materials and personnel. The R/3 system of SAP runs on majority of platforms including windows 2000 and it uses the client/sever model.

SAP provides majority of enterprise applications that includes:

1. SAP Knowledge Warehouse (KW)

2. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

3. Human Resource Management … Read More

True video conferencing has been with us since the 1970s when AT&T first developed their video telephone technology. However, the possibility of interconnecting studios and locations had been around since the first development of television when two sites could be connected using close circuit cameras linked by a coaxial cable or radio.

Systems were in existence in Berlin in the 1930s to enable the Post Office to link its various sites, and NASA space missions in the 1960s were linked by VHF and UHF communications. It was also common for remote, live television reports to be made using bulky transmission trucks to enable video conferencing.

The early video conferencing systems used existing telephone technology and were slow, producing poor quality images and they were also very expensive. They required special conferencing rooms to be constructed that could be used for video links, these needed bulky cameras and special sound equipment … Read More

For businesses who ever wanted to develop or integrate an e-commerce website into their existing business strategy this post goes to you. Figure out the best mixing strategies and other strong pillars that will take make your ecommerce website a successful business model.

Also go through the potentially stressful spots that kept your online efforts behind, despite the long trails of building an ultimate web design.

Three Strong Pillars of a Successful E-commerce Business Model:

1. Domain name:

A striking and arresting domain name that describes a product or service immediately or glues in the mind when you hear it first counts for a perfect domain name and it is only what that makes an e-commerce website click within the consumers.

When you decide the domain name of your e-commerce website think of Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, eBay, Etsy, etc. The store name should be catchy, memorable, brandable and short enough.… Read More

It’s all about the screens. Well, who cares about screens? If you buy offset color printing services you should know the differences between the 2 different screen technologies used in commercial printing. It affects the quality of all your color printing. You may know some of this stuff, but most people who buy printing don’t know what you will learn in this article. This is a little technical, but stick with it because you may want to make some changes in the way your printing is printed. So let’s get started.

Here is how it works. Your files go to pre-press where they are reviewed for technical errors before being made into screens for printing; it is the first step in the process. Customer files then go to a plate maker to be processed and then transferred (offset) to 4 different metal plates, one each of cyan, magenta, yellow and … Read More

The definition of a disaster is an event that drastically reduces the ability to provide critical data processing services. Technology outages that exceed 24 to 48 hours is believed to be considered a disaster, but contractual services levels and critical customer systems influence the definition.

The typical disaster involves fire, flood, earthquake, hurricanes, or other damage to the facility and/or data center. This does not mean that technology outages (hardware failures, power, network failures, etc.) cannot invoke disaster recovery. Regardless of the event, a disaster declaration begins the formal process of Business Continuity Plan.

Disaster Declaration Criteria

– The following criteria have been identified as activities that can justify the declaration of a disaster:

– There is an actual or potential threat to human safety in the existing data center of facility

– There is an actual or potential threat to the building or equipment

– There is a need … Read More

The majority of people interact with electrical appliances in their homes and offices that utilise IEC type connections. Whether it’s a desktop computer, notebook, printer or an electric kettle, at least one of these devices will have an IEC type interface. This enables manufacturers to produce the same product for numerous countries, as a result, only requires the country to conform to the correct IEC power cord set.

The acronym IEC is abbreviated from International Electrotechnical Commission. Furthermore the IEC 60320 set of standards governs the IEC power cords outlined in this article. These standards have established specifications such as operating current and voltage, maximum temperature and if earth pins are required. Since some appliances are double insulated several IEC types don’t have earth pins.

An IEC power cord fundamentally is a mains lead that supplies electricity to electrical appliances rated up to 250 volts maximum, that utilise specific couplers … Read More