New ‘HomePod mini’ and Apple TV will track your location for HomeKit, AR

October 12, 2020 By iwano@_84 Off

A leak claims that Apple’s “HomePod mini,” and new Apple TV, will precisely track your location, or that of your devices, in your home, to trigger HomeKit actions, or even AR.

According to regular leaker Jon Prosser, the tracking will enable HomeKit to, for instance, lock doors, and turn on lights, as you walk around. He also claims that this will actually facilitate expected new Apple AR features in the Find My app.

Prosser goes on to say that this feature will also “be used in the Find My app when you’re away from home to alert you if any of your devices have been moved within or taken from your home.”

In response to AppleInsider, Prosser says that the updated Apple TV won’t be unveiled at the “Hi, Speed” event but the HomePod Mini will. HomePod Mini will be priced at $99. Prosser seems to infer that the HomePod Mini’s smart home powers may not be ready for launch but that the inclusion of the U1 chip is a confirmation that the features are coming, though that isn’t the most watertight argument.

Apple’s “iPhone 12” event will be streamed live online and across Apple devices from 10:00 PT, 13:00 ET on October 13.

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