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The TikTok download ban ‘would be devastating,’ attorneys argue in court

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Attorneys for TikTok argued Sunday morning during a dial-in hearing that a ban by the Trump administration would be “devastating,” and urged a judge to block it until the entire case can be decided. TikTok’s attorney said the ban that would prevent new downloads of TikTok from Apple and Google’s app stores at 11:59PM ET today was essentially “shutting down speech.” But the government’s lawyers argued that First Amendment claims by TikTok don’t apply, because the Trump administration considers the app a national security risk.

On August 6th, President Trump issued an order saying the security concerns about TikTok and WeChat, both China-based apps, constituted a national emergency. He invoked the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA), which lets him ban transactions between US and foreign entities,

President Trump then issued an order August 14th giving ByteDance 90 days to either sell or spin off its TikTok business in the

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Will The Internal Combustion Engine Really Take A Back Seat To EVs?

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If the actions of global automakers are anything to go by, the internal combustion engine, which powered automobiles for over a century, could become obsolete within a few decades. But the shift to electric vehicles (EV), slow to materialize at first, is now accelerating on a global scale due to more stringent government emissions regulations, falling costs, an increasingly positive public attitude towards a growing number of EV choices and a societal reckoning about climate change.

California said this week it plans to phase out sales of conventional new gasoline-powered cars by 2035 in favor of zero-emission vehicles that run on electricity. Governor Gavin Newsom’s executive order no doubt faces a

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GE Lightens Up Remote College Living

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Our daughter’s freshman year of college was suddenly derailed  — just days before she was leaving for her dorm. No in-person classes nor on-campus living. Instead, it was remote learning — from her home bedroom. She was devastated, after looking forward to her first year away from home. My wife and I quickly decided to make her room as dorm-like as possible, adding posters, snacks and school-spirit items all over. It all helped her acclimate — up to a point. And then I got hold of two items that I wish I’d had back in the day: General Electric’s C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb ($29) and GE Lighting LED+ Bluetooth Speaker Bulb ($31).

After screwing the Full Color Smart Bulb into her bedroom light socket and downloading the smartphone app, she paired the two within a couple of seconds and immediately

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How ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ became a ‘living game’ with Azure AI

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is a triumph, one that fully captures the meditative experience of soaring through the clouds. But to bring the game to life, Microsoft and developer Asobo Studio needed more than an upgraded graphics engine to make its planes look more realistic. They needed a way to let you believably fly anywhere on the planet, with true-to-life topography and 3D models for almost everything you see, something that’s especially difficult in dense cities.

A task like that would be practically impossible to accomplish by hand. But it’s the sort of large-scale data processing that Microsoft’s Azure AI was built for. The company was able to push 2.5 petabytes worth of Bing Maps satellite photo data through Azure machine learning to construct the virtual world of Flight Simulator. You could say it’s really the cloud that brings the game to life. Azure also helps to model real-time weather. (That’s

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Hungarian Banks, Telecoms Services Briefly Hit by Cyber Attack: Magyar Telekom | Technology News

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BUDAPEST (Reuters) – Some Hungarian banking and telecommunication services were briefly disrupted by a powerful cyber attack on Thursday launched from computer servers in Russia, China and Vietnam, telecoms firm Magyar Telekom

said on Saturday.

The event was a distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, a cyber attack in which hackers attempt to flood a network with unusually high volumes of data traffic in order to paralyse it.

The volume of data traffic in the attack was 10 times higher than the amount usually seen in DDoS events, the company said.

“That means that this was one of the biggest hacker attacks in Hungary ever, both in its size and complexity,” it said.

“Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese hackers tried to launch a DDoS attack against Hungarian financial institutions, but they tried to overwhelm the networks of Magyar Telekom as well,” the company added in a statement.

The attack, which took place in several

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These 2 Robinhood Stocks Are Down Around 15% This Month: Should You Buy the Dip?

By iwano@_84

There’s often a lot of hype surrounding Robinhood stocks, and sometimes that can help carry share prices to astronomical heights. But that isn’t happening of late with two of the platform’s more popular holdings, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and Tilray (NASDAQ:TLRY).

Since the start of September, both stocks are down by about 15% and doing much worse than the S&P 500, which has declined by just 7% during the same period. But are these top Robinhood stocks in trouble, or is now the time to scoop up these deals before their share prices rally? Let’s take a closer look at the businesses and find out.

1. Tilray

Tilray’s stock is down 26% in September, and yet the company hasn’t released any news since it reported its second-quarter results on Aug. 10. One of the problems with investing in pot stocks is that industrywide problems or concerns can often send stocks

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Time to Buy Shopify?

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Online shopping has become very prevalent as the rise in COVID numbers continues to result in uncertainty surrounding business reopening efforts. Because of this, Shopify, Inc. (SHOP) has emerged as one of the top eCommerce solution platforms in the market. Shopify is an all-inclusive selling platform that powers over 1 million businesses globally.

Last week, analysts at Goldman Sachs reiterated their Buy rating while raising their price target from $1,286 to $1,318. Shopify, which had a remarkable fiscal year 2020 Q2, is expected to continue to be the backbone of businesses as they are figuring out solutions to outlast the pandemic.

“The F2Q was a landmark quarter for Shopify in many ways, most notably for GMV, which accelerated to 119% growth at a ~$120bn+ annual run rate, on the back of a step-function change in e-commerce penetration from COVID. All the while, Shopify continues to innovate rapidly in solving key

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The BTS Mobile Game BTS Universe Story Is Here

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On Thursday, a second BTS game was released — this time called BTS Universe Story. The game is only available on Android and the Apple app store. It’s based on an ongoing storyline that has been told through music videos, books, performances, and songs since 2015.

Fans have been decoding and analyzing the hundreds of theories that have come out of the “universe” since then. Now, there is a game that will allow fans to immerse themselves in it.

It also comes with another function that allows players to create their own storylines using the BTS characters.

The app’s creators intended for fans to create their own versions of the universe’s story, but instead some fans have been re-creating memes and iconic moments from TV and the internet.

For example, the meteor/meatier meme got the game treatment and so did many others.

Within the game, you can not only dress

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AMD launches low-end Ryzen and Athlon processors for Chromebooks

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Advanced Micro Devices is launching new Ryzen and Athlon mobile processors that serve as the brains of a new generation of Chromebook web-browsing computers.

These Zen-based mobile processors are aimed at making Chromebooks faster for web browsing, productivity tasks, and multitasking. Acer, Asus, HP, and Lenovo are set to introduce a broad range of entry-level to premium systems using the chips in their upcoming Chromebooks, both for kids learning at home during the pandemic and for home-bound professionals.

While the chips target the low end of the market, AMD is attacking one of Intel’s strongholds in a bid to gain market share. The Ryzen and Athlon processors are up to 178% faster than the previous generation of chips.

“Zen as a core is coming to Chromebook,” said AMD mobile technical lead Robert Halleck in a press briefing. “It seems like every kid has a Chromebook. Chromebooks are doing more attacking

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How A Break From Lord Sugar Changed The Fortunes Of This Young Entrepreneur

By iwano@_84

It takes hard work, determination, and talent to achieve startup success, but getting an early break from a major business leader like Lord Alan Sugar can be a real game changer, as entrepreneur Ross Testa, founder of video and social media agency 3 Heads Agency discovered.

At school, Testa had no idea where his future career lay. While his friends pursued predictable routes into law, medicine, and journalism, he admits that his plans were non-existent. Everything changed when, aged 18, he decided to organize a charity week at school to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust after one of his closest friends, Ellis Haggith, was diagnosed with leukemia.

He says: “I was determined to make it a success, and it was: the campaign raised just under £5,000 in one week. We had support from a lot of businesses and celebrities, and the experience made

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