Company profile: The Cox and Kings brand has evolved through over 250 years of history and today is one of the recognized holiday brands that cater to the overall travel needs of an Indian and International traveler. Cox and Kings (India) Limited has won several awards and recognition for its service. Their business can be broadly categorized as Leisure Travel, Corporate Travel, Forex and Visa Processing. Cox and Kings also provide value added services viz., customizing travel plans for our NRI customers, travel arrangements for Trade Fairs, providing private air charter services, etc. Besides, we offer travel related foreign exchange & payment solutions.

Cox And Kings have global presence with their operations in 19 countries besides India through their subsidiaries, branch offices and representative offices. They have subsidiaries in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, US, UAE, Singapore and Hong Kong. They also operate from Moscow (Russia), Maldives and Tahiti through … Read More

A PDA and a laptop computer share many of the same features, yet they are quite different. A PDA is outstanding for its light weight and portability. The laptop is portable, but is heavier and somewhat more cumbersome. If you are looking to buy a PDA or a laptop, it makes sense to compare the two to determine just what you need.

A PDA is lightweight – more so than the laptop. While you can take the laptop to a class with you, it is harder to carry. You can put the PDA in a pocket or purse. You have to carry the laptop in a carrier, usually with a shoulder strap.

This makes it more difficult to walk in, gracefully take your place, and begin taking notes. With the laptop, you will have to set it up and go through the process of starting it into the right program. … Read More

Decades ago, trading of stocks needs to have physical location, floor traders and brokers and the process called gesticulation, for the trading to take place. Nowadays, floor traders and brokers have already been removed from such locations due to the increase of trading online. Internet share trading or internet share dealing means buying and selling of shares via the internet or the web. It is sometimes referred to as E-trading.

Internet trading has grown its popularity due to a number of beneficial results. With online trading, there is ease and convenience in the part of the traders as they do not have to leave home to participate in trading. Secondly, it makes the market more liquid. With the help of the web, anybody and different companies across the globe can be seen and participate in the market as long as they have an internet connection. Furthermore it increases transparency.

With … Read More

With the decreasing demand for stock certificates there have been more and more restrictions on receiving paper stock certificates. Although difficult and time consuming do not let the complexities stand in front of you getting your certificates. Despite difficulties, in most cases, retrieve decorated paper stock certificates for free. There a are a few people to call that will land you owning the paper copy of your shares and not have to pay for it. In this article we have outlined the steps to receive paper stock certificates for free, or close to free depending on your broker fees.

Your first step will be to retrieve the transfer agent contact information for your company. A transfer agent is the firm a company hires to track its shareholders and handle share processing. When a company goes through any number of share reorganization as in splits, reverse-splits, acquisitions etc. the transfer agent … Read More