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Global Embedded Computer Market Demand, Opportunities,

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Embedded Computer

Eon Market Research has distributed the most recent statistical surveying report on Global Embedded Computer Market. This report is prepared in a joint effort with the main top industry specialists and examination investigator group to give an endeavor completely market bits of knowledge and help them to settle on essential business choices. This report covers present market patterns, openings, challenges, and nitty-gritty serious examination of the business major parts in the market.

Embedded Computer Market research study contains the wide-extending use of both primary and secondary data sources. The exploration cycle included the investigation of various variables that influence the business, including market condition, serious scene, past information, present patterns in the market, approaching advancements, and the specialized advancement in related industry, openings, market hindrances, and difficulties.

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Top Key Players:

Advantech, Kontron, Artesyn Embedded, Curtiss Wright Controls, ADLINK, DFI, MSC Technologies, Congatec AG,

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How to clean your computer screen

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Whether you are trying to get dust off your monitor or fingerprints off your laptop screen, cleaning a monitor requires the right tools. When you clean your screen incorrectly, it is only a matter of time before you damage it. Modern HDTV and computer screens are brighter, sharper and more responsive than ever before – but they are also more delicate. shows you how to clean your computer screen properly and safely.

How to clean your computer monitor

Remove the dust

Turn off your monitor to prevent screen damage, and remove dust with a microfibre cloth.

It is best to avoid the use of paper towels, kitchen roll or clothing, which are more abrasive and can hurt your screen.

Microfibre cloths are essential because they are lint-free and gentle on computer surfaces.

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If plain water doesn’t work, use a solution of dish

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The Best Computer Accessories Under $100: Webcam, Monitor, Speakers

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Smartphones and tablets have earned their place in the world of tech, but most of us still spend a big chunk of our day in front of a computer. Whether you’re an office worker, freelancer, or student, nothing will quite replace the power of a Mac, or PC.

Pairing your computer with the right accessories can help you get the most out of your machine. That could mean enabling you be more productive, adding, upgrading, or replacing a crucial component, or using your computer for more than just work.

We’ve collected the best accessories for your computer that cost less than $100. All of these accessories will work with a Mac or PC, and most will work with

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Computer Monitor Buying Guide | Digital Trends

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You use it for work. You use it for gaming. You use it to access Netflix, YouTube, and your ex’s HBO account. It’s your computer monitor, and opting for a model that fits you and your needs is crucial. Whether your old display has died or you’ve decided that you need to upgrade to take advantage of the latest software, buying a new monitor is a big decision.

Not everyone is looking for the same thing, however. Some buyers are looking for a great display, while others put features and connectivity at the forefront. With so many great options out there, it’s easy to get confused, which is why we’ve put together the convenient buying guide below.

Going big is a good idea

best ultra-wide monitors
Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

How big is big enough? When it comes to computer monitors, you want something that can fit comfortably on your desk while giving you

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Significant benefits of screen time brought to the table in Scottish classrooms

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Teachers in Scotland are attempting to  future-proof pupils’ skillsets, with iPads introducing many to the joys of coding

Mark Logan’s recent Scottish Technology Ecosystem Review highlighted the importance of teaching computer science to the future of the Scottish economy – but many schools are already taking strides forwards.

All first and second year pupils at secondary schools in the Scottish Borders council region took a six-week coding course during lockdown and before the summer holidays.

The programme was planned for autumn, but due to the fact pupils had all been provided with Apple iPads, the authority was able to bring it forward.
Susan Oliver, head teacher at Jedburgh Grammar, said: “The coding project provided a great opportunity for our young people to begin learning about coding and this is something we plan to build on in the future.”

The council is planning to encourage all of the primary and secondary

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Doubt about police in Chicago manifests itself on racial lines in monitor’s survey, legal challenges over traffic stops

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Many Black Americans’ distrust for police, both in Chicago and around the country, has been highlighted repeatedly in 2020, most recently this week with outrage over the controversial result of an investigation into the death of Breonna Taylor in Louisville.

a man standing in a parking lot: Rashawn Lindsey, 23, describes what happened when he stopped by police when he was 18 years old as he was walking down the 6600 block of South Carpenter Street in Chicago.

© Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune/Chicago Tribune/TNS
Rashawn Lindsey, 23, describes what happened when he stopped by police when he was 18 years old as he was walking down the 6600 block of South Carpenter Street in Chicago.

Chicago had its own watershed moment on policing and racism with the 2014 shooting of Black teenager Laquan McDonald by a white officer later convicted of second-degree murder, touching off efforts for sweeping reform. But a recent community survey on policing here that is part of that effort points to a continuing, wide racial divide between how Black and white residents view cops, including a persistent issue: the street stop.

a young man standing in front of a house: Rashawn Lindsey, 23, stands where he was stopped by police when he was 18 years old as he was walking down the 6600 block of South Carpenter Street in Chicago. Lindsey's attorney says there was no justification for the stop, and Lindsey is part of a civil suit against the city for excessive stops in the Black community.

© Antonio

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Fishing Can Help Combat Increased Screen Time During Remote Learning – Press Release

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many school districts are switching to full-time remote learning or a hybrid approach that combines in-person learning with remote learning. Whichever form is used, this means that many children are in front of a computer for more hours each day. Parents who are concerned about this increase in screen time can use fishing as a way to combat the detrimental effects of spending hours in front of a computer.

“Fishing is an excellent way to get children outside and engaged,” said Russell Conner, owner of the Rusty Angler—a website that offers fishing tips and techniques. “Fishing is also a safe activity during the COVID-19 pandemic because it can be done outdoors while maintaining a distance from others. Fishing offers numerous learning opportunities in a relaxed setting. It can be a great outlet for the entire family.”

Aside from getting children outdoors, fishing benefits children in

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Best mounts and stands for your PC monitor

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a desktop computer sitting on top of a desk

© Provided by Windows Central

While the best computer monitors come rocking their own stands, it’s better to use an aftermarket display arm to hoist the display up into more comfortable positions. The Mount-It! MI-7C012 is an excellent choice and comes in two variants, one for a single monitor and a second for two. The price, solid build quality, and display size support make this mount our top recommendation.

Best Overall: Mount-It! MI-7C012

a desktop computer sitting on top of a desk

© Provided by Windows Central

With the ability to hold displays ranging from 19 inches to 27 inches (and 19.8 pounds or 9kg), the MI-7C012 by Mount-It! is a superb mounting option for those with a single display. The only downside for some will be the price, but it’s worth it when you consider the specifications of the mount itself. Both VESA 75mm and 100mm are supported, which makes adding different monitors easy.

The highlight of the

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Gamasutra: Carl-Henrik Skarstedt’s Blog – Space Moguls map screen retrospective

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The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community.
The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company.


(This article was also posted at

This is a technical article describing the development of the map screen of Space Moguls for Commodore 64 and published by Protovision. The article is not reasoning why I develop Commodore 64 games, but a technical and design deep dive into the map screen of the title. There are no code snippets in this article. 

Space Moguls is a 2018 four player strategy game inspired by M.U.L.E. that was released 35 years earlier in 1983 by Ozark Softscape and published by then just-founded Electronic Arts. Both games are based on taking turns claiming land, generating items and trading between players and the store with the goal of having the most wealth

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1980s computer mystery novel ‘The Trapdoor’ reborn

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Lonnie Brown
 |  Special to The Ledger

Today’s topic is the rebirth of a nearly 35-year-old classic computer mystery novel. But for now, a bit of how it was birthed in the first place.

The year was 1980. The year Pac Man debuted. Former Beatle John Lennon was fatally shot. The MGM Grand in Las Vegas burned. Post-It notes appeared.

Electronic technology was starting to make inroads into everyday culture – Pac Man probably being the biggest indicator of that, and the camcorder and fax machines were starting to appear.

That same year, Hal Glatzer was working for a magazine that covered those new-fangled computer machines. The year before, Zenith Data Systems introduced the Z89, a desktop computer with a 12-inch monochrome monitor and attached keyboard. It consumed a large chunk of desk real estate.

Glatzer bought one for $1,600 – the equivalent of $6,200 in today’s dollars.

Six years

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